By Angel Martín Velayos C…R…C…
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order

Fraters and Sorors:

Something that has been evident to all students of our Venerable Order, from the beginning of their studies, is that the only way we can develop our latent capabilities and, as a result, our chances of living a full life, filled with realizations, in harmony and in peace, aligning ourselves with all of Nature and all the Universe, beyond, even, of the material world that we can perceive with our senses, to vibrate in tune, also, with the spiritual world, invisible and intangible for our physical body.

This harmonious tuning must be total, because human beings are total, and we manifest, although without realizing it, at all levels, as much in the physical as in the mental and, of course, in the spiritual.

If we recognize that our harmonization and awareness in reference to our belonging to a Cosmic Unity, must be made with all that exists, is there any reason that such harmonization is not also complete with all mankind?.

All Rosicrucians, shortly after starting their studies, feels universal, not only as an intellectual abstraction that has led him to that conclusion, but as a vital necessity that is precise to live in harmony with itself and, by extension, with the whole Universe.

We arrive at being aware that everything stems from the unity of God's Creative Mind, and that every manifestation is the result of the unique energy that, in principle, was emanating from God, giving rise to different expressions which, although different, come from a common stem.

These considerations lead us to understand that Humanity is one single village, and that the Earth is a single nation.

We cannot ignore that, throughout a process of long evolution mankind has had to go through adapting to the geographical, climatic and environmental conditions and, as a result of this adaptation, emerged what we call: the human races; but we know scientifically that the pigmentation of the skin, for example, is the result of the need for their adaptation in the light of the Sun, that is why the races who have lived nearer to the poles have clearer skin, because they did not receive hard rays, while those that have lived near the tropics, due to greater exposure to the rays of the Sun, have had to increase melanin production and, as a result, their skin is darker.

Likewise, the geographical remoteness of some human groups, or their isolation, due to difficult geographical conditions, or because there weren’t any quick means of transportation and communication, have given rise to different languages, and also to different cultures.

Is this a reason for that, in modern times, where there are fast communication means, and where we all need the solidarity and cooperation of others, we consider strangers those who speak a different language than us, have a particular culture, or physical traits, or the color of their skin is different from ours?.

What is, then, the reason for this kind of collective madness that has been unleashed towards the end of the XX century, in which, after having reached so many achievements, some villages try to break away from others, and fratricidal struggles are promoted, real genocide that is causing so much pain and despair to innocent people, the destitute that, always ultimately suffer the consequences of so much nonsense?.

What is the reason for which any small piece of land, and if we continue with this madness, any village, will want to separate from the rest and to live a condition called free and independent? It is true that human beings, as a whole, should aspire to higher levels of freedom, and they must fight for it; but freedom is not only a legal status, but an internal condition which, by means of our feelings and understanding, makes us be free, and this without destroying or restricting the freedom of others because, otherwise, we would be slaves of our selfishness and our passions, to the detriment of others.

One might ask, are all the calls to liberty of people in particular quite justified, or are there other factors, unspeakable ones, that move the fight of the citizens of a place for the benefit of a few? We'll discuss that later. The concept of independence is also worth being taken into account because, now that the technological, social, industrial and economic development, all cities need cooperation between them, and the media allows rapid movement for a whole mass population, how independent can we be? And that’s with reasoning focused on the global point of view, but, we can also apply it to the vital need of our environment where we need the cooperation of our family, our neighbors, our fellow citizens, and so on. What lies behind this approach of people separation?.

We know that the need for cooperation of the people does not justify, by its very essence of solidarity need, the separation of small plots of the world's population as independent.

Historical reasons may argue according to how long ago, which can be 400 or 500 years, they were independent, and formed an independent village.

Perhaps the conditions of several centuries ago were the same as the current ones? 2500 years ago, in civilized Europe, a nation did not exist. The nearest concept to a nation that existed were the so-called city states, such as Athens, Thebes, Sparta, Rome, etc. that were independent from one another, and its sphere of influence was very limited to territory; although later some of them, by means of expansion and conquest, were empires that resembled, in a way, the concept that we have today of nations, while in the rest of Europe there were only scattered tribes that lived in villages more or less independent and whose cooperation was based on the tribe they belonged in.

The fact that 2500 years ago states did not exist, only the cities, could we justify that the Athenians, Romans, etc. would, today, declare themselves independent of their current states?.

Such approaches would seem ridiculous to us according to our current mental parameters; then what is happening to cause small towns, whose territorial influence, in many cases, do not exceed a few thousand square kilometers, enter into a kind of ominous fury, shouting ‘Independence!’, causing rivers of blood, destruction and suffering.

If you consider that there are a large number of citizens who are mixed by family ties with other ethnic groups from different places in these populations? And those who have lived many years in those places and are fully rooted in them?.

As you can see, the problem is not so simple to raise it as a vindication of freedom and independence, since there are many factors, and many people involved in them.

On some occasions alleged or real inferred injustices are raised, that occurred 300 or 400 years ago, which, according to the logic of those who promote these struggles, the «injustice» caused so long ago must be repaired, or "just revenge" should be taken.

When has revenge been fair? Perhaps any of us are responsible for what our ancestors would have done so long ago? How in the name of a claim of something that happened centuries ago can you separate human beings?.

In some cases they speak of regaining lost freedoms of hundreds of years ago, and you have to wonder, are the freedoms that the social system have now worse than that of centuries ago that, even in the best cases, they supported slavery, abolished in the Western world just a century ago, or where there was torture, or aristocratic privileges, to the detriment of the rest of the citizens?.

Many times it is said, as a rational justification: we want to be the ones who manage our national resources! but, in the case of such independence at the expense of so much pain, who will manage the resources? The grocer, the gardener, the electrician, the bricklayer who lives there? Who?.

The truth is that, after so much destruction, as it has always been, those who manage the resources are the financial groups, multinationals, and, of course, the political castes arising out of the new condition that shall endeavor, by any means, to obtain their piece in the sharing of the cake of power or finances, but it is never the common people, who suffered the consequences of so much nonsense. Who cared, when it seemed that the possibility of an end to global conflict had come, provoked by two antagonistic powers, one of which has already stopped having great power, that continue to have fratricidal wars.

If you direct your attention to the traffickers of weapons, military industries, etc., that were on the verge of losing their business, or large multinationals that wish to negotiate better conditions with selfish leaders, or if you direct your attention to «small» people who need to make their towns smaller in order to make themselves larger, you will find many answers to these questions.

On the other hand, why do countries, instead of calming things down from the beginning, using their influence (which they have) by making a call and pressuring toward common sense, have encouraged or recognized territorial claim movements? Could it be that those countries also have territorial aspirations, and taking as a justification the fait accompli, they are waiting so that in time, they too can make territorial claims?.

With everything that might happen, Rosicrucians, who go beyond appearances in the analysis of the facts and reality, see that all these fratricidal struggles are only the result of ignorance.

When people are properly trained, and know how to recognize that there are no other countries than the artificial delimiting boundaries, we have wanted to put; when we recognize that nature has never placed spiked wires, borders, etc. and to those who put them, they often only pursue selfish and personal goals and not the welfare of the people who inhabit these lands, then the cause of the fighting will be over.

When we understand the difference between language, color, culture, ideology, religion, is not cause for separation between human beings, it will be then that the cause of fighting will be over.

When we feel that all human beings have the right to life, to be free from misery, to feed themselves properly and meet their basic needs, and that no one, depending on their course of development, has the right to keep their privileges while others starve, then cause of fighting will be over.

When the human being is brotherly with every other being, every cause of struggle will have ceased.

And all of this is achieved through education, pushing away the darkness of the lack of solidarity, which, many who have spurious interests, are interested in maintaining to safeguard their privileges, or in hopes of having them.

As Rosicrucians we should add our grain of sand to the goal of achieving that peace, not encouraging, in any way, with our actions, nor with our thoughts, any action that separates human beings from their siblings, from other human beings, but, rather, thinking and acting so that, someday, there is the Great Universal Reform, just as our Masters of the Past predicted it in their writings and manifestos.

For Rosicrucians Humanity is one single village and the Earth is one unique nation.

Profound Peace!.


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