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The Rose Cross Order is a traditional esoteric initiatic fraternity. The Order maintains a profound knowledge of human nature, physical, mental and spiritual, that has been refined into a technique for the development of consciousness and the personal awakening of the individual's inner personality. This technique has been demonstrated to be highly effective over many centuries.

Rosicrucians know that people possess deeper levels of consciousness, with a great and wonderful potential. To communicate and cooperate with these deeper levels of being, it is necessary to communicate with the Inner Self in its own language. This language of the deeper levels of human consciousness is one of symbols, as revealed to us in dreams where images have meanings, in our intuitions, and even in spiritual visions.

A medieval mystic said: "God speaks to man using symbols, and man communicates with God by using the symbols formed in his own mind." For this reason the Rose Cross Order, with its knowledge about the nature of being and symbols, integrates symbols into their teachings in such a way that the lessons express both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Both the human and the divine aspects of life are demonstrated in a way that provides the students of our Venerable Order a more complete foundation for the learning of inner knowledge. It is this knowledge that transforms those who possess it into masters of their lives and authors of their own destiny.

All members of the Rose Cross Order have the privilege of receiving the teachings of our fraternity in their homes and, should they desire it, maintaining a symbolically decorated Rosicrucian Oratory especially dedicated to study and meditation.

Additionally, Rosicrucians have the opportunity to assemble in Lodges and participate in traditional rituals and Initiations if they wish. Because the Rose Cross Order advocates the greatest possible freedom, members are not bound by any obligation to maintain contact with other members in order to receive instruction. For those who do choose to attend Lodges, there are opportunities to participate in beautiful and inspiring symbolic ceremonies amid the highly symbolic decor and members wearing aprons and various emblems indicating the degree of study that they have attained. Together they share in this opportunity to experience the esoteric rituals that have inspired those who have followed the Rose Cross path of advanced knowledge over the centuries.

It is our pleasure to show here some of the symbolic and traditional aspects of our Order that might interest you, our visitors.

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Temple at the Rose Cross Conclave
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