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Though the Rose Cross Order is a spiritual beneficiary of the old Mystery Schools that flourished in Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome, and perhaps in other places prior to that, the origins of the Rose Cross are lost in the obscure nights of history. Nevertheless as our Rosicrucian records attest, a particular movement took place in the Initiatic Schools of the XIV century and it is from that time that the Rosicrucian movement technically derives. Such documents as Fama Fraternitatis, the Confessio Rosae Crucis, and various other publications and manifestos as well attest to this. There are many references to the Rosicrucian Orders and to their establishment in the various countries of Europe in the XVII and XVIII centuries, and also to many celebrated characters, great benefactors of humanity, who belonged to these Orders.

Raimundo Lulio, Newton, Miguel Servet (well-known defender of the freedom of conscience) Leibnitz, Leonardo da Vinci, Descartes, Paracelso, Beethoven and many others who stood out in different branches of knowledge were proud of their Rosicrucian affiliation.

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The Rosicrucian chronicles say that over six hundred years ago a young man called Christian Rosenkreutz, desiring knowledge, undertook a trip to the lands of the East. Arriving at the symbolic city of Damcar he was received by the Sages there and they transmitted to him their secret knowledge, which he developed and improved after years of study with those who had access to the LIBER MUNDI, where the deepest mysteries of Nature may be understood.

He then returned to Europe, traveling first to Spain. There, as in other countries where he traveled, the knowledge was not fully understood. Because of this he went out to lands of Germania (symbolically meaning, the Fraternity of the Earth) and established the first House of the Holy Spirit. There he transmitted to his pupils and their successors the wisdom that he had acquired in the East. When the pupils were fully prepared they expanded their effort and transmitted the Light they had received to all the world. After living to a very advanced age Christian Rosenkreutz died and was buried in a tomb unknown to all, as they continued to build the norms for the Fraternity.

One of the Brothers of the Fraternity, while making repairs to the House of the Holy Spirit, discovered the hidden entrance to the Master's tomb. Upon opening it, they found within a symbolic construction and also well preserved old manuscripts and documents. The wisdom gained from both the architecture and the manuscripts allowed them to reestablish the Order in the world.

This symbolic history which we have related reveals one of the great enigmas that has perplexed many historians who have sought to know more about our Order.

At certain times in history we see the Order appear with great vigor in one or several countries and then later disappear without leaving a trace until appearing again in another country. It is said in the chronicle titled Fama Fraternitatis and other Rosicrucian treaties also, that the rule is that the Order will be active and inactive in progressive cycles that vary between one hundred and one hundred twenty years.

Rosicrucians, profound experts of Nature, know and understand that everything is developed by cycles. Everything is born, grows, reproduces and dies. The cycle repeats time after time. As direct example we need only consider the seasons of the year.

In accordance with this principle it is necessary that the Rose Cross Order adjusts to these natural cycles. Therefore every so often, as a normal part of the inner operation that has been followed for centuries, the Order appears and disappears according to the cycles mentioned, developing a more perfect expression each time, and adapting to the times. For this reason the Symbolic Tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz has been opened again to bring to light the treasure of Rosicrucian knowledge and offer it to sincere seekers in a practical and modern way. In this manner we perpetuate the tradition of the Rose Cross Order.




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