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At some time in your life you may have wondered about the purpose of existence. If you are like most people you will have considered that it is a mysterious and unknown path that we travel. What will we find when we reach our destination? What lies beyond our present experience? What challenges and circumstances will you confront as you go through life? AND most importantly, will you conquer the challenges of life or be conquered by them?
All of these considerations arise in our minds when, during moments of quiet reflection, we think about the reason for our existence. Does the universe exist for some purpose or is it no more than a group of celestial bodies floating about in space without a definite cause or justifying purpose?
When we turn our view toward the firmament on a dark and starry night, we know that such a vast construct as the Cosmos must work in agreement with natural laws so perfect and orderly that all the stars of the Universe moving with such mathematical precision must have some reason for their existence.
Are we able to think less at such a time than that the whole amazing vista spread across the skies must have some reason for being? Surely everything is created to satisfy a definite purpose. It is very difficult to imagine that the Universe, with all the energy and movement it contains and spread out from infinite distance to infinite distance, existing for a vast and incomprehensible time, is something that exists for no particular reason.
And what of us? What is our role in the vast scenario of the Universe and how do we carry it out?
Is our life only the result of some casual chemical reactions that happened to evolve many thousands of millions of years ago, or is there something more?
Is there a reason for living and being, or are we creatures that are born only to grow old, die and then nothing?
What comes after this life?
Is life predetermined for us and for humanity as a whole, the future predestined and without choice?
Why do we often feel as though we are ships without a helm, at the mercy of life's currents and buffeted by the tempests of existence?
Is there a particular mission that each of us needs to carry out during our time on earth, or is life only a chimera until it ends?
Why is it that some people live fruitful lives filled with successes, and others live with continual failure and bitterness?
What is the Secret of Life?

What is the Secret of Life?




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