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Angel Martín Velayos C... R...C...
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order

The Rose Cross Order, through its lessons, makes its members free men and women. Free of superstition and the harmful false beliefs that make the lives of those who cling to them arid deserts filled with suffering. Free from the illusions of ignorance that blind those fools who, fearful of their own weakness, attack those who live fruitful lives made full through understanding. Free of the sorrows of an unconscious existence that leaves an empty hole within those who suffer it. Free to choose their own destiny and fulfill their personal mission, occupying their rightful place in the vast Cosmic scheme.

Because it advocates the greatest liberty the Rose Cross Order imparts this knowledge to its members so that they may realize freedom though the exercise of will and awareness.

We make these statements because it is necessary that new members and others understand that the Rose Cross Order NEVER requires a certain behavior of its members. There is no special diet to be followed and the Order never interferes in the activities and social relationships of its members.

This attitude of respect and tolerance has been so important to Rosicrucians and demonstrated so continually over the centuries, that a study of history will show that our Venerable Order has never done other than reveal the Light and hope before which the darkness vanishes. The true Order of the Rose Cross has never promoted binding members to rigid standards of behavior and living, nor has it hindered the freedom or conscience of its members or any other person. It is for this very reason that in keeping with our traditions, we will never ask members of the Rose Cross Order to embrace a certain attitude, whether political, religious, social, educational or of any other nature.

Yet we do consider the intellectual, spiritual and moral processes that are awakened in our members. They facilitate the journey that all Rosicrucians make in aspiring to that sublime Perfection known in our terminology as becoming an Adapt, or if you prefer, so incorporating the ideals of the Order into their personality that it becomes a WAY OF LIFE.

In many of the Order's writings, those from the past as well as the present time, reference is made to the Great Reformation that will allow the Great Work to be carried out more completely. On many occasions we have also explained that the Great Reformation begins with ourselves. Completing the Great Work of our personal regeneration is the first step in the Reformation of those aspects that must change in order to realize progress and positive advancement in human society. In this way we make the world more fair, more compassionate and fraternal. In this way we contribute to the Great Work, so vast in scope that it involves all of humanity and even the entire Cosmos.

By this we mean that a Rosicrucian should be an active participant in the affairs of the world and sufficiently confident that his inner light, which sets him free from superstition and ignorance and makes him master of his own life, should also shine outward to illuminate the path of all who are in need of hope and inspiration so that they may find happiness.

A Rosicrucian should endeavor always to be, in all circumstances of life, a ROSICRUCIAN. We say endeavor because these things are gained little by little; a too rapid growth and change can result in pain and trauma. It is only gradually and by increments that the fruits of knowledge find a home with us and so, let us remain steadfast in our efforts.

The tools with which the Rose Cross Order empowers its members are beautiful jewels that are not given with the intention that they be kept hidden away but rather that they be used to solve our problems and light the way for others on the path, solving their problems also.

Rosicrucians, if they are true to the call, will never surrender to idle immobility but rather just the opposite; they will utilize their knowledge in helping themselves and others who may be in need of their help. It is in the field of battle that the warrior proves the strength of his weapons, it is there that he tests the temper of the steel with which the sword was forged. This symbolic allegory reminds us that it is in the uncertain moments of life, in the time when we give aid to others, that we put the quality of the Rose Cross teachings to the test. It is our repeated use of our inner and outer abilities that transforms us from students into Masters.

Making an active effort to utilize this knowledge, Rosicrucians should cooperate in the positive transform of society, acting always to the best of their ability. At times this will mean acting aggressively to bring about improvements, and at other times it will mean passively not acting - refusing to be manipulated by selfish people. Always, in so far as is possible, act in harmony with principals of fairness and respectful understanding of the opposing forces that govern nature, the one positive and the other negative.

However just as Rosicrucians in the past fought valiantly to bring about those changes that allow for humanities desirable evolution, we must also fight for a world better than the one we inherited. To pass on to our children and all of the people who will come after us something better, something more highly evolved and perfected than was known by those before us. This will always be the sublime task of those who carry forth the great banner of Light.

We should be aware that the Rose Cross studies are intended to bring about a total uplift, as we understand that everything is a part of one totality and must unit harmoniously on all of the various planes. We need to work at improving our lives physically, intellectually and spiritually. Yet also we must keep in mind that it is our moral and fraternal obligation to share that improvement with those who do not possess sufficient Light to carry out their own evolution without help.

Let us always remember, burning it into our minds with fiery letters the message that IF WE FAIL TO SHARE OUR LIGHT, WHO WILL SHARE WITH US?

May Peace Profound dwell in your hearts, in the bonds of Service in our Venerable Order



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