Where does life begin and where does it end?

From the Bulletin of Elías Artist Lodge nº 1


The present work was published in the bulletin of Elías Artist nº 1 Lodge of the Rose Cross Order in Las Palmas of the Canary Islands. Because it outlines a beautiful image of life, independent of the size in which a particular being manifests, we are publishing it for the readers of the "Triangle of Light".

Where does life begin and where does it end?

Is there really any limit or is there only a continuous transformation in motion? Normal vision does not allow us to see an uncountable number of images impossible to observe with the human eye.

I wonder: Why have humans been endowed with vision that appears to be imperfect? The question begs an explanation.

Our vision is configured so that we can observe the things surrounding us at a glance. It does not enable us to observe invisible worlds microscopically small to the human eye, worlds that perhaps at one time, in a primitive state of evolution we were a part of.

I remember that, in my childhood, I observed flowers and their small leaves; I was devoted to drawing them. I had the good fortune to be closely connected to nature. My eyes saw images, and those images were imprinted, transferred to my brain in the form of electric impulses. There they awakened feelings of love toward the natural world.

Everything is simplified by visualization, viewing, meditation, or experimentation with sensations.

Let us try to discern life.

Do we also live in an invisible world?

To learn to appreciate life in its subtle essence is to learn how to love life. Nature often shows us the world that we look for, depending only on each one who wants to discover it.

Observing the nature hidden from the human eye by means of an electron microscope reveals life that is hidden and unknown to the field of normal vision. It allows us to explore an entire new world of inner space.

The best electron microscopes can magnify vision thousands of times. Through the microscope the tiny flowers show their delicate structure and unexpected complexity. When increased 20,000 times we can view the grains of pollen with clarity.

Observing things very closely through the microscope, we feel unaware of our own world. The sterile landscape of the tip of a ballpoint pen, or the entangled net of fibers increased 4,000 times looks different than the remembered smooth surface of sheet of writing paper.

In the sofas, the beds, in any part of our house, the microscopic dust mites live their lives. They are as miniature dinosaurs in a lost world. Their bodies rarely grow large enough for us to see at once. Depending on us for their existence, the dust mites feed on the dead flakes of skin that we shed.

On every strand of hair you can encounter tiny mushrooms. The population of mushrooms that inhabits our hair and skin is numbered in the thousands. Our friends the mushrooms live with us throughout our lifetime and have established a permanent home on our skin. Small acaridae live at the roots of our eyelashes. They don't seem to be doing us any harm, but why they are there, and what it is exactly that they are doing, is something that has not yet been possible to discover.

Bacteria, the simplest of living things, are with us constantly. A single bacterium can multiply a million times in as little as 8 hours and although you wash, many millions will continue living on your skin. Each person has an immense invisible zoo. There are as many creatures on our bodies as there are people on the earth.

Rosicrucians know that they are never alone. We sometimes need others for support (like a big hug), as a dear Soror says, others among our numerous friends show us affection, but even without their presence, we have the comfort of knowing that we are never alone; we are always accompanied by an invisible world.

Using a powerful microscope that was 14 years in development, Doctor Albert Crew has viewed images nobody has previously seen: he has been able to see atoms (atoms of uranium). The smallest particle is an individual atom with a diameter of a trillionth of a centimeter. The next largest particle is composed of a cluster of several atoms. Coloring them artificially in order to be able to view them, he observed imperceptible movements, demonstrating that solid objects, when observed at the atomic scale, are in fact particles in motion.

If this whole invisible world were increased 10 or 20 million times, it would be something like a basketball ball becoming the size of the Earth. The ability to see the atoms individually, to isolate them at those levels, will have great importance.

Where will all of this take us? It is difficult to answer. Now that we have this new technology, every time someone finds a way to see things in a different way, they begin to see "new things".

Just as an invisible world exists within the human body, in nature life is also expressed in a continuous progression. Nature harbors life that we cannot see and that is in a constant process of incredible transformation.

Over a period of days, small worms are able to consume all the leaves of a tree. An apple will be food for a week for dozens of hungry insects. In only four days a dead mouse will be devoured by a group of worms.

This deconstructive process will open the way to a full, beautiful, and abundant life. Our eyes perceive the world through the language of light. However this light, visible light, is nothing more than a narrow segment of the energy contained in an infinite spectrum of electromagnetic waves that continually vibrate around us.

When scientists study light, it is the familiar rainbow spectrum that ranges from red to violet. These colors are the range of the wave band that we can see. Beyond this band, our eyes remain blind.

Bees discover things that are hidden from our eyes. Man must use special cameras to see these things: we can see the light of a burning match, but not the image of heat. If our eyes could see the part of the spectrum where the red light becomes infrared, or heat, our view of the world would be expanded and we would suddenly discover a new and unsuspected aspect.

The cells of the human body possess a nucleus and a cytoplasm. In the nucleus of the cells there is genetic information. Consider for example the chromosomes: if in the nucleus we find the XX pair of chromosomes, it is female. If we find the XY pair of chromosomes, the cell would be male. The chromosomes form chains of DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. In these chains all the information of the cell is included, that of the body, of the individual, and ultimately, the species and even its evolution. All the information about adaptations, and the changes resulting from that adaptation as different methods of survival were needed in various different circumstances.

If the cells preserve this information, I wonder where the information arises? This whole concept leads me to a reflection: what is provided by all the information that we have in our cells? Why? What is at the center of the genetic information? If you could discover when the information was acquired, and find the command to age that is in the information, we could achieve physical immortality by external factors used to influence our cells.

And then I wonder: Where does life begin and where does it end? Does it really have any limits or is there only a continual transformation, in continuous motion?

Elías Artist Lodge nº 1, Rose Cross Order.







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