It is common among the Order's workers, especially the team writing the "Triangle of Light", to experience high spirits whenever they have an opportunity to share with members and others interested in our work, the magnificent writings that Rosicrucians have contributed to the awakening of humanity's consciousness, or otherwise contributed to the cultural and spiritual enrichment of society.

On this occasion we are especially fortunate to be sharing with you a sample of high Rosicrucian spiritual ideals, a prayer written by the Rosicrucian John Heydon, that is now more than more than three centuries old and which belongs to the collection of material recently recovered by the Order.

The preparation of this beautiful prayer, originally written in old English, has been challenging because of the decision to retain as much of the language in which it was originally written as possible. Even the capitals as placed in the original document are retained even though they are no longer used in that way.

Fraters, Sorors, esteemed friends, we ask that when reading this old Rosicrucian prayer, written by the Frater John Heydon in the XVII century, you reach beyond the words to their expression and experience the spirit that motivated them.

The Rosicrucian Prayer to God

Oh Thou everywhere and good of All, whatever I do, remember, I beseech Thee, that I am but Dust, but as a Vapour sprung from Earth, which even the smallest Breath can scatter; Thou hast given me a Soul, and Laws to govern it; let that Eternal Rule, which thou didst first appoint to sway Man, order me; make me careful to point at thy Glory in all my wayes; and where I cannot rightly know Thee, that not only my understanding, but my ignorance may honour thee.

Thou are All that can be perfect; Thy Revelation hath made me happy; be not angry, O Divine One, O God the most high Creator, if it please thee, suffer these revealed Secrets, Thy Gifts alone, not for my praise, but to thy Glory, to manifest themselves.

I beseech thee most gracious God, they may not fall into the hands of ignorant envious persons, that cloud these truths to thy disgrace, saying, they are not lawful to be published, because what God reveals, is to be kept secret. But Rosie Crucian Philosophers lay up this Secret in to the bosome of God, which I have presumed to manifest clearly and plainly. I beseech the Trinity, it may be printed as I have written it, that the Truth may no more be darkened with ambiguous language.

Oh stream thy Self into my Soul, and flow it with thy Grace, thy Illumination, and thy Revelation. Make me to depend on Thee: Thou delightest that Man should account Thee as his King, and not hide what Honey of Knowledge he hath revealed.

I cast my self as an honourer of Thee at thy feet. O establish my confidence in Thee, for thou art the fountain of all bounty, and canst not but be merciful, nor canst thou deceive the humbled Soul that trusts Thee: And because I cannot be defended by thee, unless I live after thy Laws, keep me, O my Souls Soveraign, in the obedience of thy Will, and that I wound not my Conscience with vice, and hiding thy Gifts and Graces bestowed upon me; for this I know will destroy me within, and make thy Illuminating Spirit leave me: I am afraid I have already infinitely swerved from the Revelation of that Divine Guide, which thou hast commanded to direct me to the Truth; and for this I am a sad Prostrate and Penitent at the foot of thy Throne; I appeal only to the abundance of thy Remissions.

O my God, my God, I know it is a mysterie beyond the vast Souls apprehension, and therefore deep enough for Man to rest in safely.

O thou Being of Beings, cause me to work myself to thee, and into the receiving armes of thy paternal Mercies throw myself. For outward things I thank thee, and such as I have I give to others, in the name of the Trinity freely and faithfully, without hindering any thing of what was revealed to me, and experienced to be no Diabolical Delusion or Dream, but the Adjectamenta of thy richer Graces; the Mines and deprivation are both in thy hands.

In what thou hast given me I am content.

Good God ray thy self into my Soul, give me but a heart to please thee, I beg no more then thou hast given, and that to continue me, uncontemnedly and unpittiedly honest.

Save me from the Devil, Lusts, and Men, and for those fond dotages of Mortality, which would weigh down my Soul to Lowness and Debauchment; let it be my glory (planting my self in a Noble height above them) to contemn them.

Take me from my self, and fill me but with thee.

Sum up thy blessings in those two, that I may be rightly good and wise; And these for thy eternal Truths sake grant and make grateful.

Frater John Heydon.









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