Angel Martín Velayos C…R…C…
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order


Fraters and Sorors:
At the Sovereign Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order we have received many phone calls, letters, and diverse notes, asking us about the great profusion, or proliferation, of television programs, publications, radio programs, etc, in which it is said that their purpose is the popularization of the para-scientific, the hidden sciences, and esotericism in general.
Many of those who have contacted us are recently joined members of the Order who, not having yet had a lot of experience, wish to know from the most reliable sources, how much of what is presented in so meticulous a way can be accepted.
One of the Rosicrucian traditions is that of seeing the good that is everywhere and in all things, to such an extent that we ask that all the members of the Rose Cross Order, when attending our Triangles and Lodges, omit their opinion of other people, or other institutions, to be very open minded and say what they can about the good and in the event that they cannot declare anything positive, or that is even bordering on negative, it is preferable that they remain silent
Nevertheless, we cannot be so tolerant as to suppose that we should be completely open to all the opinions that, claiming to be on the esoteric sciences, or any other topic, are broadcast or published.
No one with good sense would leave the door to their house open with a sign that says: "Whoever may wish, enter here, and then do whatever you like."
Any person with common sense lets those they know and like enter their house, it being reasonable to suppose that they have no intention of taking advantage of one's good faith. Still, it sometimes happens and is an unavoidable fact that people are sometimes taken by surprise, and for one simple reason: their imprudence in dealing with others.
It is for this reason that in order to protect the good faith of our members, mainly those who have recently joined and can be deceived because of their good intentions, we wish to talk plainly about this type of Court, or show, of Miracles that has lately become so fashionable.
You must understand that, on one hand, when rendering an opinion on certain topics of which we are speaking now, we do so with the knowledge and experience of many years of study in this area, as well as the secular knowledge that contributes to our Order. Also, and on the other hand, we feel certain chastity when addressing these questions in a flesh and blood sort of way, but unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to place things appropriately, and for this reason, since we have a commitment to distribute the Greater Light, on this occasion we will make such references.
I must begin by saying that I hold an absolute respect for all beliefs, and for all types of practices, and different ways of thinking, but that doesn't mean that I don't know how to recognize what, when speaking of a business based on the sale of magical objects or offering services in the divinatory arts, or certain programs of a popular para-scientific nature, is in the first place ignorance on the part of those who buy, and in the second on the part of those who sell, because ultimately that is all it is.
I know of a store that sells all manner of witchcraft articles that is presented in this way: "The store of sorcerers, all types of occult articles for health, money, and love". The first thing that jumps to my vision, besides its being a store for sorcerers, is that they claim to sell occult articles, which denotes a supine ignorance of what the word occult means, or that they seek to deceive the ignorant with a word that suggests to them something mysterious.
The classic Greek word from which occult is derived means: inner knowledge, or a body of knowledge reserved for a very select group of people.
Having said that it is necessary to wonder: what does anything occult have to do with the sale of objects to practice magic in the belief that it can improve health or bring money and love? If those who hear this message have an occasion to view the window of this store, they could observe objects as curious as small figures made of transparent plastic that represents a potbellied Buddha with a cross of Caravaca imbedded within, in the stomach in fact. Again a question arises; what does Buddha have to do with the Cross of Caravaca and does it allude to miracles from the Buddha or the noted Cross?
Undoubtedly, for the superstitious clients of that store there is always an explanation when, noting something quite outside of the customary, they ask this question: "In this way', they will be told, 'the astral force of the oriental tradition and that of the west are united." And if they are not happy with that answer, some other will be offered.
It is truly shameful to hear announcements on television advertising seers who claim among other things, to be advisors to high society, and even royalty. Some dress in the garments of compatriots, and others with extravagant tunics, offering horoscopes by calling telephone numbers whose rates are based on the amount of time that one spends talking with them.
To make believe to sincere people that the horoscope from a prerecorded tape at the other end of the phone connection, using the desired seers voice, is a personalized horoscope when in reality it has no more value than the horoscope that appears daily in the pages of all of the newspapers of the world, is at a minimum, a deception. This deceit is practiced on people who, due to ignorance, a great need, or good faith, desire this type of consultation.
To present the venerable science of astrology in this way is a belittling insult for those who have dedicated many years of their lives to learning it and finally being aware of the many details, the day, hour, and minute, always in accordance with the solar hour, as well as the geographical place where a person was born and even the conditions prevailing there. All of this is necessary to develop a valid horoscope that, in synthesis, is much less related to divinatory arts than with a precise knowledge of the cosmic circumstances that accompany life, and the person's personal development.
More curious still is listening to these seers not only showing off their spirituality but also advertising their seer clinics where, for those who attend, they will foretell the future in return for a very high price.
If they were really so spiritual they would not market a very beautiful gift that has been granted to them. On the other hand, if they really knew the Cosmic Laws, among them in particular, the Law of Cause and Effect, or Law of Karma, according to which we receive what we have created, they would not dare to take onto their own backs the enormous responsibility that comes with telling others what might, in the future, happen to them, which is very debatable, or what they should and should not do, while also charging them a large amount of money.
I am personally very uncomfortable when someone recounts to me that they have visited a seer, card reader, or fortune-telling woman. But often, I have no recourse other than to listen to what they tell me, and verify that up to this time they have not guessed right a single time other than those logical things that any good psychologist, or skilled observer, can obtain from their visitor.
The height of deception is when a seer, in sort of a collective consultation, says to a selected group of people on a television set about themselves and what will happen to them. They always say the same things to one and all, and what is agreeable to all: "You are a very evolved person although you may not be fully aware of it (which everyone can accept) you have an occult enemy (all think this possible because it could be this way). People don't understand you because you have high spiritual aspirations (Who has not felt misunderstood at some time?). You will make a journey (without saying whether inner or outwardly, although we all make both) and so forth, while the excited and hysterical, captivated by the setting, agree, or even burst into sobs.
In this show, the broadcaster of the program declares very seriously that that the television chain that sponsored this impressive testimony has made it possible (What would be said if they did not?) and that their purpose in presenting the show is to popularize the para-scientific and occult (but isn't it that the purpose of the show is a commercial one, and a desire for fame?)
What cries to the heavens is when a faith healer is presented on television who claims to be possessed by a spirit, and presents a series of practices, at the least, questionable, giving false hope to the afflicted or to relatives who attend this lamentable television show that ends with a request for "contributions" for the faith healer, or to build a healing center where he will continue giving these consultations and charging honorariums.
A tremendous responsibility comes to those who dare to use the ouija in television programs, without keeping in mind that they may be seen by children who, in innocence, will repeat what they have seen and been exposed to, without any control or understanding, and thus risking their mental health. They conclude by saying they are contacting extraterrestrials that communicate by means of moving a glass to indicate letters on a table, or other flat surface.
In none of the messages that I have seen, during personal attendance as an investigator of the phenomenon, or that I have read, has anything new been said that anyone else could not have also said, or that cannot be found in books on moral, or religious ethics: "Be virtuous, elevate your spirit; etc. etc."
The sum of these absurdities is when they begin to prophesy major catastrophes, such as tidal waves, earthquakes, interplanetary collisions, and that a flotilla of interstellar ships will come to save the evolved (themselves, of course). This reminds me of certain millennium sects that say that only 144,000 people will survive. Naturally, they are counted among those who belong to the sect, etc, etc.
Of all the prophecies of this type that have already given precise dates, now past, there is not a single demonstration of something that has happened as it was prophesied. In another message by the Imperator regarding this type of prophecies, data and precise dates are given, as well as such details as demonstrates that such prophecies are a fallacy.
And in conclusion, I would mention people who, during questionable hypnotic regressions on television, claim to see Jesus Christ and they transmit his message, causing us to necessarily wonder, in the light of the multitude of doubtful details in such a deplorable show, if these people are stable or if they suffer from some form of psychological pathology. What are the motives of the hypnotized persons who participate in such practices?
It seems as if there is kind of silent scream that is saying SELL EVERYTHING! in a wild career striving to secure earnings, both monetary and in popularity, obtained from a class of those most easily mislead.
This reminds us of what happened in the XVII century when rouges, miserable and without hope, searched laboriously to find ways to take advantage of the good faith of their victims, and of the kindly ignorance of those whom they exploited.
If these rouges had used their efforts and inventiveness in productive ways, society would have been improved, and they would have found greater satisfactions, but unfortunately, by the grace of the disorientation that occurs during a change of mentality, or the transformation of a civilization that is ending into a new and higher one, the confusion that exists allows the proliferation of these rouges who exploit the unaware of society with the exercise of their trickeries.
No reasonable person, and much less anyone who is a Rosicrucian, should let themselves be taken in by such practices. Honestly Fraters and Sorors, we are very fortunate in having such a sure guide as our teachings that, like an illuminating lighthouse, allows us to see the reality of things, both in the material plane and the spiritual one.
May Peace Profound dwell in your hearts.







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