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This discourse was presented as member's work during the course of a Traditional Regular Convocation at Lodge Graal nș 2, in Valencia, Spain. The references to similarities between the Rosicrucian teachings and the ancient traditional wisdom of China will be especially interesting to our readers.

Fraters and Sorors:
As the Rosicrucian teachings explain, the vital energy is energy of a spiritual origin with such a high vibratory rate that at present it cannot be measured by any instrument. We, and every other living thing on the planet, receive this energy through the medium of the air. It is the energy that endows life. Everything is impregnated by it and when this energy, for any reason abandons a body that body begins to suffer great changes; in profane terms we would say that it dies.
Perhaps the culture on earth that has studied this most, and developed their culture and traditions most closely on this vital energy are the Chinese. All actions, at any level, that the majority of Chinese carry out are planned for the correct flow of vital energy. They call this CHI. For 5,000 years since the era of Huang Ti (the yellow emperor), magnificent technical works regarding the development of the CHI have been developed. The art of developing this vital energy is called CHI HUNG. The chi is channeled and developed especially for health, external and internal energy, and for mental and spiritual training. An intelligent mind can direct the energy and produce astonishing results for most people. As we have said, the vital energy keeps us alive, and that is the most important function of which most people can think. But it also has an immense importance in the maintenance of health, vitality, magnetism, and our mental and spiritual growth. The application of this energy is excellent for the curing of illnesses and maintenance of a young and vigorous body over the years. It is also a wonderful path to acquiring another series of higher abilities. In old Chinese books we find statements like these:
"The saints become attentive, they consume air from the sky and open the passage to the gods", or "the sages who know this arcane art, enter into deep meditation, they breathe in the cosmic energy and by means of constant practice acquire divine abilities."
In studies of the vital energy the Chinese find surprising results in medicine and establish solid foundations in philosophy that can be very useful today if we deepen our interest in their studies. There is a great likeness in the work of these Sages to the words of Jesus the Christ and the Rosicrucian teachings.
The substance of which a man is formed is the same substance that composes the entire universe. That is, energy. This energy manifests in various type which are generalized into two main groups; one is Ying, the passive energy, and the other Yang, the active energy.
This energy that is in man and permeates the entire universe is not static; it is constantly changing, the changes being produced by different times and conditions to which it is subjected during the growth and development of living things and beings.
At present there exist about 18,000 exercises dedicated to the development of this energy by man. These exercises are categorized by the Chinese according to their origin, philosophy, and objective, in five large schools with differences but with a large degree of agreement: the school developed for health and medicine, the school of Buddhist origin, the original Taoist school, the school of martial arts, and the school of mystic and spiritual development.
It is important to understand that this work with the energy is essentially experiential and not a discipline based only on intellect. It is not enough to study and understand (although it is very important); it is necessary to practice and practice if you wish to obtain good results. In practicing most of the exercises there are three fundamental points that, if they are not respected, will cause poor results. These points are: first, the relaxation of the body and mind, the second, breathing, and the third the work is mental.
The cultivation of vital energy is an art form whose benefits can be surprising in all planes of our existence since a balanced energy flow makes us strong and resistant and keeps our mind calm and still when confronting the challenges of living.
I encourage everyone to develop a daily routine if possible, of exercises for the development of this energy. Once the habit is established it will produce a tremendous result from a very small effort.

May Peace Profound dwell in your hearts.







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