María José Hoyos Ragel C...R...C...
Grand Secretary of the S.C.


Fraters and Sorors:
One of the questions that we think about with most assiduity in the Central Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order, both in the range of our specific work of giving good service to the members of our august institution, and as one of the questions natural to members of the Rose Cross Order relating to the practical application of the Rosicrucian studies, is how to resolve situations that cannot be resolved through the customary profane methods, and that are important in our lives and for our capacity for realization.
In my private activities, and in those involving business and the care of my family, I have been able to apply principles learned in the Rosicrucian teachings and found them both functionally practical and effective as well as possessing spiritual qualities.
We are told in the lessons that the Rose Cross Order is a spiritual Institution in which we learn divine laws and how to apply them so that we may live more productive lives and do what is needed to sustain our worthy existence.
For Rosicrucians, the spiritual world is not separate from the material, but rather both constitute the dual polarity of a single unity. Seeking to live a completely materialistic life, in which the only objective is the attainment of material goods, is to deny an important aspect of our own essence.
But to seek only to live in the spiritual world, attempting to eliminate external realities is an escapism that, in many cases, results in estrangement from reality, and even to mental aberrations. Far from bringing us inner peace, such conditions produce inner and outer disturbances resulting in continual conflict between the two polarities composing our Beings.
We should live fully in both the material and spiritual worlds. It is in this way that we fulfill our mission both on the cosmic plane and within ourselves.
The meaning underlying this concept is that we should not live on both planes thinking, in the case of the excessive materialism that it is important to obtain as much material goods as possible, or in the case of excessive spirituality, that only spiritual things are important and we should, therefore, disregard the world of matter.
It is often the case that those who act in this way are people unable to balance the dual polarity of their being. Therefore, they deny the polarity that they are not able to deal with.
Nevertheless, on this occasion we will consider a case frequently cited, not among laymen, but rather those who have chosen to follow an esoteric path such as the most prestigious one of the Rose Cross Order.
We sometimes have the tendency to study the subjects presented not as something dynamic that we can incorporate into our lives, but as theories or histories that provide satisfying intellectual stimulation.
In such a case the lessons dispensed by our Venerable Order cease to have any true value since, when not incorporated into our way of thinking, feeling, and being, they do not provide the means to meet vital experiences with greater success and realize the resulting sense of personal peace transcending that which the layman, ignorant of the higher laws, is capable of reaching.
The Rose Cross Order continually seeks to be a faithful reflection of its philosophy of applying the principles taught so that all the members become conscious, by example, of the immense spiritual treasure that the Rose Cross Order preserves and which can be applied by all who participate in the Order.
Those who have been members of the Rose Cross Order longest, and who participated in the awakening of the Order to the new cycle of activities often recall how, at the beginning, that the Rose Cross Order consisted only of a parchment bearing the signatures of the founders, with no other directive or method for carrying out the work.
They all enjoy recounting to members who joined our Venerable Order more recently that by applying the teachings of the Rose Cross Order and putting them into practice, what began as only a piece of paper developed into an institution with office machines, printing and publishing capacity, the ability to announce itself in magazines and social media, and the immense pleasure of being able to assemble here only four years after the beginning of the new cycle of the Rose Cross Order in the modern world, meeting with many Rosicrucians from many Spanish speaking countries, without even counting the many more living in distant countries who could not attend due to domestic and professional obligations.
All of this has been possible, as future developments of present plans for the Rose Cross Order will be, because of the successful application of the principles that the Order teaches. If they choose to do so, all Rosicrucians can apply these principles with the same success. There are three fundamental factors that, properly applied, guide Rosicrucians to successful attainment of a fulfilling life. They are all important because the Rose Cross Order teaches that we must build our lives on a solid foundation on the material as well as the spiritual plane.
The first of these is POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION by transmutation of our lower instincts and thoughts into higher and nobler ones.
We can begin by making an effort to see the positive aspects of all things, even under the most adverse circumstances, because in this way we have the possibility of learning and, due to learning, achieving Mastery of Life.
We need to build our lives on a foundation of ethics and understanding. These pillars of cosmically acceptable behavior, unfortunately, are not properly appreciated in current times.
Independent of their moral function, understanding ethics is fundamental to dealing with situations in life, and most especially those involving our employment or business.
Contrary to appearances, which seem to suggest that everyone seeks wealth without regard to methods, everybody, and especially in the world of labor and business, is hungry for ethics and those who have and manifest this quality are generally received with the same pleasure as rain in May.
Ethics are profitable because everybody, managers, dealers, employees, etc. desires them and hopes to hire or negotiate with people whom they can trust rather than sharks who are willing to play a bad hand at an opportune moment if it serves their own selfish interests.
Rosicrucians know that in every land, their ethical behavior in the workplace and commercial relationships will always be appreciated and preferred above the schemer who attempts to deceive others.
The understanding of ourselves, and as a consequence, acceptance of others brings us closer to others. Rather than regarding them as competitors or rivals, or as characters whom we must face and deal with, they become other persons in our eyes, worthy of respect and appreciation regardless of circumstances. This attitude generates a feeling of sympathy, reinforced by the magnetic attraction to our positive aura in others and results in our being appreciated and respected so that our relationships with others become more peaceful.
The second factor for the attainment of inner and outer success is technical in nature. We are referring here to the value of the knowledge that the Rose Cross Order provides in confronting the challenges of life.
Among the techniques emphasized is that of mental creation. When properly applied it allows us to obtain things, or develop conditions, of which we have need.
This means that Rosicrucians who understand the technique of mental creation taught in the first Degrees of the Rose Cross Order and further developed in Higher Degrees, can obtain what they need regardless of adverse social conditions or other circumstances.
We do not mean by this that Rosicrucians must be rich with money, but rather rich in their living.
A Rosicrucian should know what they want to do, how they want to live, and the degree of happiness they wish to achieve, regardless of how the layman defines success and wealth.
I know multimillionaires who are poor in spirit and happiness, though that does not mean that material wealth should be rejected, provided it has value in attaining a higher purpose. The people to whom I am referring usually do not fully enjoy peace and tranquility or even what they own, since they never have the time and are always burdened by business that takes peace from them.
However, I know others who are quite happy because they know what they want to do and do it. Without wanting to personalize, and only as an example, I will mention the Imperator of the Rose Cross Order whom I know not only from affiliation with the Order, but domestic ties as well. All those who know him know that he has a great capacity for work, is very gifted in business, and without a doubt, could become a millionaire if he were devoted to that. However, and as I have said, he dedicates all of his efforts to serving Rosicrucians and is very happy when the members of the Rose Cross Order are successful and when the Order itself grows. He is very rich although many times he has no currency at all in his pockets.
In this approach it is important to understand that it is not what others consider of value that is needed, but rather what brings personal peace and contentment that is the true measure of success. Success depends on the personal valuation of the aspirations each of us has, or what someone considers to be a pleasure to do. For this reason the Rose Cross Order strives to provide precise knowledge to our members so that upon arriving at a certain point in their studies they know what their true vocation in life is and what to do in order to feel fully satisfied and happy.
Once we know what we desire, what we wish to do, we proceed to visualize what we desire using the methods of the Rose Cross Order, and then prepare through study, or by establishing appropriate contacts, so that what we have visualized takes form on the material plane.
The third factor, of supreme importance to attaining inner and outer success, is to harmonize with the constructive cosmic forces. This can be accomplished by periods of meditation and attunement in our Rosicrucian Oratory.
In this place, dedicated to the divinity that dwells within ourselves, we can retire daily and find rest from daily struggles that confront us in our lives, and simplify our thoughts so that they become more effective.
This simplification of our thoughts is very important; sometimes the daily struggle for subsistence and the experiences we encounter cause a state of mental complexity that, to say it bluntly, becomes as trees that don't allow us to see the forest.
We often receive requests for consultation from people regarding a specific problem that include extensive details that do not relate to the situation in question. This generated mental complexity is the true cause of their problem because the complications make it difficult to place things in their appropriate context.
To clarify how such complexity often clouds our thoughts I would like to recount an event that I witnessed some time ago at the Central Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order and which the primary person in the story will, upon reading this, surely understand my intention and read the tale with good humor.
Someone who customarily volunteers to help in the office of the Rose Cross Order entered the Imperator's office while I was discussing certain matters with him and said, "Tomorrow I must go to the airport."
The Imperator, who takes advantage of any moment to teach, answered, "I don't". Then he began to laugh. After a moment and responding to the surprised expression of the person who had to go to the airport, the Imperator advised, "Do you realize that you have not organized your comment well? What is it that you really want to tell me?"
What she had meant was that she would not be coming in to work tomorrow.
The Grand Master replied, "Do you understand that in principle, this has nothing to do with your going to the airport or not? It is necessary to be specific to simplify your thoughts."
This simple story shows us how often when we have complicated our thoughts we become distracted by all the branches and focus poorly on the actual question that we wish to resolve.
Maintaining harmony by keeping periods of meditation in your Oratory is primary. In this way we are able to simplify our thoughts and penetrate to the essence of life and the problems that it presents to us.
This state of harmony, or inner calm, develops a state of higher consciousness within us, also called intuition, by means of which we realize before hand what we need to do, or we can do, or even what is best to do.
Also, attunement with this inner harmony helps us to discover the precise moment in which it is best to address a matter. It is this state of consciousness that tells us: Now! This is the most favorable moment! In this way our effort is made more effective because, as everyone knows, there is a time to sow and a time to reap, and to act at the wrong time tends to bring poor results.
In this sense the study of the heavens and the rhythms of nature and Being that you have studied in your Degree work with the Rose Cross Order are beautiful tools that assist in realization of our goals.
Fraters and Sorors: you can be confident, as many of us already are through our studies and application of the Rosicrucian technique, that we are truly very fortunate to be members of an Order that provides us with the best knowledge for creating a full life on all planes of existence.
Don't be limited to wanting something, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
May you know Peace Profound in your hearts.






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