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One of the things that especially captured my attention from the first moments of belonging to the Rose Cross Order was in fact mystical tones. This fact has been the cause of reading and moments and reflection that I would like to share with all you now.

Sound is transmitted by waves, usually by the medium of air although it can also be transmitted by other means, such as through water or other gases. When something moves it causes a displacement of air and this displacement continues to move outward from its issuing center in all directions, attenuating as it moves away from the center. An easily understood simile is what occurs when someone throws a stone into a calm pond. The stone causes movement in the water, forming waves that go out, extending to the entire pond.

Our hearing is the organ that captures these waves, interpreted as sound by our brain, but we can only perceive the waves that we receive in this way when they oscillate at certain rates of speed, or to say it another way, vibrate at a certain frequency range. In the case of human hearing this range is between 16 cycles per second and the 16000 cycles per second or, as it is known in the world of physics, hertz. As an example, a piano emits between 24 and 4000 hertz, with the lowering of the frequency of vibration of the sound, the lower the sound we hear, while higher levels will be sharper sounds.

Therefore, for a sound to manifest and have a vibrant focus, a means by which that vibration can be transmitted and receiver able to receive it are needed. If we understand that vibration is energy, what we doing is transmitting and receiving energy through what we refer to as three-dimensional space. Transmission causes a response in both the generator and receiver, though energy is never destroyed or created, but rather transformed. Based on these things it is apparent that if a sound is emitted under certain conditions, matter can be modified. This concept, although known to the ancients, as indicated by recalling the fall of the walls of Jericho after the sounding of the trumpets for example, and is again being studied in new and interesting fields of acoustics and the study of vibrations. Ultrasound for example, sounds of a higher frequency than the human ear can capture, are being used to break up kidney stones.

As all Rosicrucians know, everything in the universe is in motion, even something as seemingly immobile as iron bar is in continual motion at the molecular level, and it is that the vibration of the objects in the universe that defines their mass, depending on the material or materials of which they are composed. A string tightened to a certain tension and with a specific mass and length, when impacted by a force, will vibrate at a certain fixed frequency and this will only vary higher or lower if any one of these of these parameters is changed. Therefore it is not the domain of lunatics to suppose that any part of the human body, whether bones, stomach, etc. possesses its own basic vibration that manifests as a result of the conjunction of all the elements that compose that body.

Having first clarified that all bodies have a basic frequency, and that sound is a form of energy, which a generator sends to a receiver, I would like to call attention on a phenomenon of vibrations well known in physics as resonance. Responding to this effect, when a small quantity of energy at an appropriate frequency is applied to a body, all the molecules of that body begin to vibrate in an increasingly rapid way, sometimes with the result that the body in question is not sufficiently elastic to tolerate the excitement, and breaks up. As examples of this phenomenon we can mention the fact that some opera singers have been able to break glass by singing certain high notes, or the one that when soldiers are going across a bridge they break cadence so that the vibration of their stepping in unison will not cause resonance in the bridge.

Having explained this, the question that presents itself is: how are mystic tones different from the common ones?.

One of the main characteristics observed in mystic tones is that they are emitted by voice. Some instrument might be used as an accessory or support, but always under human control. In most civilizations the voice of a living being plays an important part in the beginnings of earth. In the Old Testament the creation of the world begins with, "and God said: let there be light." In the Christian Bible Saint John's gospel says, "in the beginning was the Word". In the Vedas one can read: "In the beginning the Word was with Brahmin", The Hopi Indians believe that the Spider Woman sang on the inanimate forms and brought them to life. The same thing appears in the Mayan in the Popul Vuh, and in many other traditions. Sounds are holy and all of humanity realizes this.

Therefore it can be we licit to think that this type of sounds, they are not limited to the range of audible frequencies and it is for it necessary the active participation of the initiate one so that the sound you of in a much bigger range of frequencies emitted by our being's other element, it is necessary to keep in mind that before the sound comes out for the lips, this it must be elaborated and with the mere fact of thinking are emitting new vibrations.

We can go even farther and think of the mystic tones express all the corresponding sounds of all the vibrations on the planes of manifestation, gathered on the material plane. It is, by way of simile, as if we were seeing the visible part of an iceberg of which we know that of the whole, only a small part is visible since the greatest part is submerged and hidden from our view. Therefore the importance of the tone not only the frequency at which it is emitted, but the mental attitude that we hold when we are producing it also since it is this that makes the manifestation of the sound on the planes of higher frequency possible.

Having presented all the foregoing ideas and making use of analogy, I would like to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and present a hypothesis that serves as a foundation so that all the Fraters and Sorors will be able to spend some time exchanging our impressions and opinions:

When an Initiate emits a mystic tone, they are emitting energy at certain specific frequencies belonging to the different planes of manifestation that will cause a resonance in certain parts of the planes. The manifestation on the material plane of this energy is further stimulated by certain parts of the human body, each one of which has a characteristic vibration. Depending on the type of frequency emitted one or another of these parts cause, by means of the transmission of this energy, the effect desired by the Initiate. Therefore in summation we can say that the mystic tone consists of vibration upon the material plane that is physical sound, and also what we may call the mental attitude that carries the vibration to the rest of the planes of manifestation.

I hope this consideration helps in the development of an understanding and assimilation of the mystic sounds within us.

Now if some Frater or Soror would like to comment, share your impression or opinion on what has been read with us.

Greetings and Peace Profound.


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