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Angel Martín Velayos C... R...C...
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order

Fraters and Sorors,

For many centuries the Rosicrucian system of study was by word of mouth, passed along very discreetly. We may suppose that in the past members periodically gathered in Lodges for the purpose of Initiation and Instruction. In that way they were able to protect themselves from prying eyes and the intolerance of the times as they gathered in the quest of a more complete understanding of God and natural Law, allowing them to become more conscious of their Inner Being.

In the present, circumstances are very different than those that existed in past centuries. Fortunately, in many respects people now enjoy a freedom and tolerance that allows them to develop their ideals without concern about persecution by fanatics. With the changing times society has expanded its knowledge in social and humanitarian areas as well as making scientific advances. Many of these advances are due to the Rosicrucians who, through the ages and continuing right into the present, have labored to bring improve their neighbor's well-being even to sacrificing their personal comfort in service to others.

Today as in the past, our traditions are continued in the same way with Rosicrucians gaining illumination along the path to greater knowledge by gathering in Lodges throughout the world.

The necessity of adapting to modern times and effectively transmitting the Rosicrucian principles dictates that along with Lodge activities our members receive the lessons in their homes. In this way they can be devoted to their studies, review and experiment with the tranquility that such a high knowledge requires. This also protects against the changes and bad interpretations that sometimes created problems in the past.

We have adopted a flexible system that allows the constant revision of the teachings. In this way we are able to transmit the traditional knowledge in the most efficient and comfortable way. This modality of transmitting the teachings consists of mailing out the graduated traditional lessons to all Rosicrucians in the same way. Nevertheless, the tradition of periodically meeting in Rose Cross Lodges continues to be the foundation of our technique and the tradition continues, preserving the genuine spirit of the Rose Cross.

It is best for all Rosicrucians to receive Initiation and Instruction at a Lodge in their town, and realize all the advantages that come from affiliation with a Lodge of the Order. Participating in the regular work of a Rose Cross Lodge in your own town brings many benefits in development and advancement. In the case where there is no Lodge in a member's town or city, it is well that they work toward helping to found and maintain one as soon as circumstances permit it.

The reason for continuing the system of maintaining Lodges is not to perpetuate an archaic and obsolete system but rather because studying with others brings together people who share an interest in common, the Rose Cross teachings. In this way the members of our Venerable Order are helped as they help others, in the quest of reaching a higher understanding and wisdom. This principle of solidarity is fundamental for all who seek knowledge of the Cosmic Law.

For this reason we have established 12 rules for the operation and activities of Rose Cross Lodges and we will list them here so that all members of the Rose + Cross are familiar with them:

1. - As required by our tradition, all Rose Cross Lodges will provide appropriate conditions for the transmission of the Rosicrucian Wisdom according to the mystical path of initiation that has been preserved and passed down through the ages and proven effective in awakening the Sacred Inner Light that is the divine inheritance of all mankind.

2. - Rose Cross Lodges will transmit, according to the established rites ennobled by time, the symbolic Initiations of the various Rosicrucian degrees and prepare our members to one day realize the Invisible Inner Initiation that transforms them into brothers and sisters of the essential spiritual Rosa Cruz.

3. - Within the Rose Cross Lodges instruction will be carried out according to the precise rituals and appropriate direction so that they qualify our members to know the fundamental topics of the higher teachings so that through understanding and qualified experimentation the members become the Masters of Life, as did the Rosicrucians of ages gone by.

4. - In Rose Cross Lodges the regular and traditional convocations that unite our members spiritually are carried out in keeping with the Rosicrucian Wisdom that has been handed down since time immortal. Under the protection and power of the Rosicrucian Egrégore Rosicrucians benefit both physically and spiritually, during regular traditional convocations, from the benevolent passage of the knowledge of the Masters of the past and present.

5. - Activities within the Rose Cross Lodge are carried out in harmony with the cycles of Nature and Rosicrucian knowledge, channeling the power generated by these natural cycles to bring about transformations that strengthen the bonds of our fraternal spirit.

6. - Rose Cross Lodges are laboratories in which our members feel and share the understanding that each is a part of a greater whole. Other members are also a part of the whole and it is the coming together of the many parts that comprise the whole. Rosicrucians learn to respect, be tolerate and be supportive, of those qualities that their brothers and sisters possess and which they themselves may lack. In our Lodges we learn that a common effort and the wisdom of all, directed in service toward a common ideal is more beneficial to humanity that dissention, isolation and intolerance. In our Lodges Rosicrucians learn the power of the Law of Universal love as they banish hate and darkness to the place where they belong: nowhere.

7. - In Rose Cross Lodges members learn and practice the spirit of true fraternity that reinforces the bonds of true Initiatic union with others. All Rosicrucians are bound together as members of the Order in the union of true traditional spirit. Members also learn to be honorable and fair with one another, no one is permitted to exploit their membership to take advantage or abuse the trust of another.

8. - When circumstances allow, Rose Cross Lodges open the way for healthy social interaction and our members enjoy the pleasant contact with other members during social events where the true Rosicrucian spirit of harmony and good humor prevails.

9. - In Rose Cross Lodges conditions should be arranged so that members may enjoy exploring science and the arts by means of conferences, exhibitions and musical auditions, as well as finding solace for the spirit and a positive environment for refining and improving their own personality and education.

10. - Rose Cross Lodges should be beacons of Light from which are projected Truth, Tolerance, Understanding and Forgiveness so that, just as our brothers and sisters in the past, we participate together in the GREAT REFORMATION announced in our manifestos. In this way future generations will benefit from the efforts of today's Rosicrucians just as we, and society generally, benefit from the efforts of the Rosicrucians of the Past.

11. - Our Lodges should be places where members can know that the Rose Cross traditions and the pride they feel in their affiliation make the Rose and Cross something more than just a symbol.

12. - Rose Cross Lodges should be places that serve as an example for others all over the world, examples of honesty and wisdom, and of service acting as a guide to future generations in carrying on the realization of the GREAT WORK decreed as a principle by the mind of God. Let us always maintain these purposes in our minds and our hearts.

With my best wishes for Peace Profound




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