Rosicrucians are normal men and women. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives are Rosicrucians and you are not aware of it. Members of the Rose Cross Order are devoted to the study and practical application of the Laws of Nature in their highest form.

They are discovering, little by little and through graduated studies, the enormous potentialities that all human beings possess and are applying them in a very effective way to improve the quality of their own lives here and now, and to help improve the lives of others as well.

The Rosicrucians are men and women who, through their studies, discover the intimate harmony that exists throughout the Universe and of which we are a part, and manifest the power that this harmony confers on them. They discover that the Universe exists for a definite purpose and that each one of us has a particular purpose in the vast scenario of the universe.

In summation, Rosicrucians are men and women who, through the teachings they receive as members of the Rose Cross Order, discover their true mission in life and fulfill that mission. They live fully on the physical plane, on the mental plane, and on the spiritual plane.

In keeping with their traditional teachings, Rosicrucians expose the superstition and false concepts that have harmed humanity and kept people in physical and moral slavery. They promote greater tolerance and understanding among people, and are conscientious, reasonable people who do not behave in an irrational and fanatical manner.



The Order is a worldwide fraternity composed of men and women who are dedicated to the study and practical application of the highest laws of Nature. By means of a process of inner development and personal advancement, they are developing their highest potentialities so that they may live their lives fully on all planes of manifestation.


The greatest freedom and unrestricted independence are ideals of all Rosicrucians. Every Rosicrucian may belong to the religious affiliation that they prefer since the teachings of the Rose Cross Order do not interfere with religious practices or the conscience of our members.


The Rose Cross Order believes that all people are entitled to decide for themselves the best way for their country to be governed. This civic prerogative is so private and so personal that the Order never interferes in it, leaving its members full freedom to choose the party, or political option, that they prefer.


Over the centuries the Order has been a society that has helped improve the lives of people in a disinterested way, functioning as an Educational Fraternal Organization without financial gain. The Order's funds are dedicated exclusively to the philanthropic work of the Order without anyone benefiting from these funds in the form of dividends or commissions.





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