Giordano Bruno

Many will wonder why, if this wonderful knowledge exists, has it not been given to humanity freely and for their benefit. If a school transmitting wisdom that transforms people into the owners of their destinies exists, why has it continued in such a private way down through the centuries? The answer is found in the heading of this section: THE TRUTH MAKES MEN FREE. If there is anything that the tyrants of ages past and present hate, it is free people.

There are many examples of tyrants and those who do not want to surrender the privileges they have acquired illegitimately by exploiting the ignorance of others and working to suppress the knowledge that makes people free.

   Galileo Galilei

Giordano Bruno, a Rosicrucian, was accused of heresy and burned to death for affirming that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. Galileo Galilei suffered persecution and jail for declaring that the Earth moved in the heavens.

These things are so simple that any child in kindergarten considers them normal and yet in those dark times such ideas were considered so dangerous that they should be suppressed, and were repressed with fury. If all of this occurred regarding things we consider so normal, what might the consequences be if the great principles and potentialities of Nature were to be disclosed without caution?

Just as Christian Rosenkreuz was not understood, neither were these others and for that reason they were persecuted by the intolerant.

It was necessary that those who possessed the knowledge keep silent and carry out their work in secret, propitiating the internal and external reformations that have brought Humanity the degree of freedom that we now enjoy.

Although it is true that over the centuries tyrants have sought to keep the divine gift of truth and the knowledge that makes us free from people, it is also true that the worst tyrant that can afflict us is our self, when we refuse to accept that we can learn to develop our capacities and inner powers to be happy, to have what we want and need, when we refuse to accept that we are the keepers of our life and what binds us is not destiny but our ignorance and unwillingness to learn the secrets that transform us into Masters of Life and creators of our own destiny.

Do you want to remain under the tyranny of ignorance?.

Just as our Rosicrucian brothers of the past said in one of their manifestos: The Rose Cross Order works of visible and invisible presence to teach, to those who are worthy and have the desire for it, to attain the Wisdom that will qualify them to live a full life worthy of being lived.





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