The old Alchemists of the medieval age, many of whom were Rosicrucians, declared that in order to transmute a mineral element into a higher state, as in the transmutation of lead into gold, it was first necessary for the Alchemist to transmute his own inner nature.

   An Alchemist's Laboratory

In the ancient writings and manifestos of the Rose Cross Order published centuries ago, and which we have already mentioned, the tale is told in symbolic language of the formation and purpose of the Order. One of the goals to which the members of our august Fraternity aspired was achieving the Grand Reformation.

This reformation corresponds to the inner reformation in each of us. No person, without first transforming his own inner nature, can seek with any success to reform any aspect of family, society, or the world. But when people make change their thinking processes and actions, bringing about a positive inner change, they realize improvement in their outer lives also.

Many people suffer terrible illnesses, the product of their own thoughts of hatred and bitterness.

Whatever treatments are provided to them fail. They will be able to respond to treatment only when they have changed their thoughts, transmuting them in positive ways.

There are infinite numbers of people living in the most complete misery, lacking even those things most necessary to live with some dignity.

No matter how much they want to change, if they are not educated and capable of change, learning how to aspire to better conditions and bring out the best in themselves, putting their creative and transforming abilities into action, they will continue suffering the lack of what they need.

When we discover our apparent limitations we realize that life is for us as we choose to see it. When we learn that it is our mind that assigns value to all things, and that it is our mind that creates our reality, creating within us the appropriate conditions, life changes for us, we reform ourselves personally and arrive at the inner reformation, Inner Peace and outer Success.






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