Historical Rosicrucians

The symbolic history that we have just related explains one of the great enigmas perplexing many historians as they sought to learn more about our Order.

In some periods of history we find the Order appearing with vigor in one or several countries only to later disappear without a trace and then reappear in another country.

In the document titled Fama Fraternitatis, and also other Rosicrucian writings, the custom is expressed that the Order should be active and inactive in progressive cycles varying between one hundred and one hundred twenty years.

 Historical document:
the Founding Manifesto of
the Rose Cross Order for the current cycle of activities.

The Rosicrucians, profound philosophers of Nature, know and understand that everything is developed in cycles.

Everything is born, then grows, reproduces and dies, repeating the same cycle again and again. As a specific reference we may consider the different seasons of the year.

Likewise it was, and is, necessary that the Rose Cross Order adjust to the cycles of Nature so that, as has been the custom of inner operation for many centuries, the Order appears and then disappears according to the cycles mentioned. In this way each cycle comes closer to perfecting the Order's presentation and is better adapted to the times.

 Rosicrucians in modern times

For this recurring reason the Symbolic Tomb of Christian Rosenkreuz has again been opened to bring the treasures of Rosicrucian knowledge into the light, offering them to sincere seekers in a practical and modern way.






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