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The Rosicrucian chronicles say that more than six hundred years ago a youth named Christian Rosenkreuz, desiring the knowledge to Master Life and Create his own Destiny, undertook a journey to the lands of the East.

Arriving at the symbolic city of Damcar he was received by the Sages there and they transmitted to him their secrets, which he developed and improved. After some years of study, in which he had access to greatest secrets given to humanity by the by the intellects and Adepts, he was able to read the BOOK OF THE WORLD in which the greatest mysteries of nature can be understood.

When he was prepared to teach and transmit the secrets with which he had been confided, he returned to Europe, going first to Spain. There, as in other countries, his knowledge was not well understood and for that reason he decided to transmit his teachings secretly, reserving them for only those who became worthy of them. To do this he turned to the lands of Germania (symbolically meaning the Fraternity of the Earth) where he established the first Rosicrucian School, calling it the House of the Holy Spirit.

There he transmitted the wisdom he had acquired in the East to his pupils and their successors.  He taught them to transcend being slaves to the whims of destiny and the Secrets that made them Masters of Existence just as he had valorously received them he undertook the quest of Inner Light. And, when his pupils were prepared, they traveled throughout the world to transmit the Light that they had received from their Master, committed to sharing it with worthy people who yearned for the knowledge.

After having lived to a very advanced age, Christian Rosenkreuz died and was buried in a tomb completely unknown to all, as was the established custom of the Fraternity.

Legend recounts that one of the Rosicrucian brothers, while making repairs in the House of the Holy Spirit, discovered the entrance of the Master’s tomb.

Once the symbolic tomb had been opened the brothers found in its revealing symbolic construction, and also in manuscripts and documents found preserved there, the wisdom that would allow a new reestablishment of the Order and so continue transmitting the Rosicrucian Wisdom to who are worthy of it.

  Historical Rosicrucian books preserved among the foundational
documents at the Sovereign Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order.





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