Nothing is nearer to us than ourselves and yet nothing is more unknown to us than our own being.

In our bodies atoms as numerous as the stars in the Universe turn in their orbits with the same precision and harmony as the Cosmos, functioning according to the same fundamental laws. We look toward the Universe beyond ourselves without even noticing that we are a universe in miniature.

But, more importantly, human beings are something more than a mortal body. We are alive and possess an even more important attribute: consciousness. Human beings have a mind, which functions continually. Even as we sleep our mind continues to work, assuring the continuation of our vital life processes, and our minds are very powerful.

Modern psychology tells us that a high percentage of the illnesses from which we suffer are psychosomatic, beginning in the mind and later appearing in our body. Why does the mind, through errant processes, cause these illnesses?

In the present Information Age we know that computers can be programmed and re-programmed, producing different results. The mind works in a manner that is similar to the computer.

Incorrect programming can cause serious illness and trauma leading to personal misfortune in life.

But by the same principle of programming the mind, we can program it positively to correct a great part of the illnesses that we suffer. We can program ourselves to improve memory, to gain confidence and security, a better expression of our personality, to enjoy a better health.

We can learn how to correct a great deal of the illness from which we suffer. We can program ourselves to improve memory, to gain security and confidence, for the improved functioning of our personality, and to enjoy better health.

So very many things are possible when we know the potential of our own Inner Mind. With this knowledge we can send the suffering to the place where it truly belongs: NOWHERE.

But there is still much more. Just as a painting carries an impression of the painter who produced it, a sculpture retains the sculptor's signature, and a building expresses the personality of the architect who designed and built it, we carry within ourselves the image of our Creator, by which we can also create and attract that which we need.

The person can, if he knows how, create his own future and have a life worthy of being lived.To do this we must undertake the most wonderful and fascinating of adventures, the discovery of our Inner Being.

Are you brave enough for the journey?

If so, continue your inquiry into the Mysteries revealed by the Rose Cross Order.






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