It has been thousands of years since sincere seekers of truth, men and women desiring to discover the grand mysteries of existence, began the search for answers to the essential questions which people have pondered down through the ages and which continue to be the driving force impelling true thinkers, future Masters of Life.

Many of these men and women have abandoned the comfort of their homes even during uncertain times to search for the sources of eternal wisdom and satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Some found others who had gone before them in quest of this knowledge. United, they continued the quest together sharing their individual experiences for mutual benefit.

  Place of Tradition.
At Delphi an inscribed commandment declares: Man, know thyself!

Through their studies and effort they discovered a Great Secret that allowed them to become the keepers of their own destiny.

Founding the ancient Mystery Schools, they became the Silent Watchmen, to pass on what they had discovered and preserve the inner knowledge that gives freedom to those who possess it.

Have you wondered what they discovered in these Ancient Schools of Hidden Knowledge and then kept as a secret treasure, cloaked from viewing by the profane and reserved for those chosen few who convincingly proved their interest in knowing the profound mysteries of being?.

What is the secret?







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