Over many centuries, those seeking the Rosicrucian knowledge have arrived at our portals after having been invited to join us in the quest for Inner Light.

The Order has always offered the best knowledge it could to its members, and for that reason those members have been highly regarded in every age. Men and women studied the highest laws of nature from the material in our archives, they learned how to read from the Liber Mundi (Book of the World), and became the visible and invisible elite of their times.

The Rose Cross Order has no need to gather a multitude of members. We carefully select those who we believe have a true desire for greater understanding and wisdom. Only those who humbly aspire to the Greater Light and request the secular knowledge of the Rose Cross Order are admitted.

If you SINCERELY desire the inner knowledge taught by the Rosicrucian, the knowledge that sets worthy men and women of good will free, you too may request admission as an aspirant to the Inner Light.

We care nothing for an applicant's titles or other honors. We do not care about a person's age, race, sex, religion, or political ideas. Our only concern is that we find them to be honorable people, worthy of receiving the secular wisdom of the Rosicrucian. If the applicant is found worthy we will open the portals of our Fraternity to them. They will be received as individuals wishing to add their names to the list of sincere seekers who desire to view the Rose and Cross as not just a symbol, but a State of Being.

If you are only curious, please don't bother to request admission since it is certain that your application would be rejected. However, if you are someone who yearns for a better understanding of life and the universe, we invite you to apply to become a member of the Rose Cross Order. To do so, you may send us an email with your name and complete mailing address, along with your request that we send an application form for membership in the Rose Cross Order to you. Just as soon as we receive your mailing information, we will send out a small booklet with information about the Rose Cross Order and a form with which to request affiliation. When you have received and read it, fill out the affiliation invitation and send it to the Central Headquarters of the Order. We will then proceed to process your application as quickly as possible, carrying out the necessary steps so that you can join us as a member with full rights of membership.

  DUES.   All organizations, to maintain their physical existence, and provide their members with the facilities and services that they require, must have sufficient funds to operate. This is so evidently true that you will understand perfectly that members of the Rose Cross Order support the organization through the payment of their regular dues.
These dues cover the cost of preparation and mailing of the Rosicrucian teachings to our members and Lodges, help to maintain the different departments such as Instruction and Administration, provide for office supplies, and various other services provided to our members.

We all know that no one can buy or sell knowledge, but if an organization doesn't possess the means, it cannot transmit the knowledge it has to those who, because of their dedication and service, desire and deserve to receive it.

The Rose Cross Order is, without a doubt, an esoteric institution that provides greater and better service to its members, not only in the broad studies and instruction material it provides and its quality, but also in its attention to its members through personalized consultations on the Rosicrucian studies as well as all the other departments. To support this it is reasonable for those who belong to the Rose Cross Order to contribute to the maintenance of these activities by means of the payment of dues.

It is also true that we grant more value to, and appreciate more, that which sometimes requires a significant effort to secure. The Rosicrucian lessons are just TOO IMPORTANT to treat casually and not give the respect and value they deserve.

To provide for these services, members of the Rose Cross Order offset the expenses of the Order with a REGISTRATION FEE when affiliating, and with monthly DUES mailed regularly to the Headquarters of the Order. This in itself is not sufficient to maintain membership in the Order, but it does also help to discourage the merely curious who prefer to just coast along through life taking advantage of the efforts of others.

Together with the Application to Affiliate with the Rose Cross Order, you will receive a letter advising you of the amount of the dues established for the country in which you reside.

If you are a sincere seeker of the Inner Light and would like to participate in the Rosicrucian wisdom with other members, please submit the following information.


After you have submitted your information you will receive an automatic email response. This email will explain the steps needed to complete the Application process.
Your e-mail:
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Important: Issues have been identified to send information to email accounts of the type HOTMAIL and YAHOO. As far as possible, avoid using them. If unable to receive information via email, direct contact with management webmaster@rosacruz.net and / or sede@rosacruz.net.
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