Benefits of membership in the Rose Cross Order:


All members of the Order, wherever they may be, are welcomed by other branches of our Order as brothers and sisters in the quest of knowledge. You will feel the pride of belonging to such a historic Fraternity, one where many celebrated men and women throughout human history have studied and prepared to face life with achievement and success. United in ideal and purpose with them, you will feel the fraternal spiritual power that Rosicrucians have developed over the centuries and continue to develop with the support and the effort of the Rose Cross Order. You will enjoy the companionship and understanding that emanate sympathetically from those within our Venerable Order who apply the inner knowledge to their lives as a group.


All members receive personal attention from the Order. As brothers and sisters of the Rosicrucian we are interested in the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all our members. When any one needs guidance and instruction, it is provided through our departments of instruction and fraternal help, through the Central Headquarters of the Order, or through any one of the local Rosicrucian Lodges.

All Rosicrucians can contact the Rose Cross Order either by postal letter, email, telephone, or fax, to obtain assistance with questions relating to their Rosicrucian membership or any other needed fraternal advice.


The Order has Departments of Instruction where our members may consult on any topic with respect to their Rosicrucian studies. In this way they are able to clarify doubts and improve their understanding of the lessons. When a member of the Order does not find an answer to his questions about Rosicrucian subjects, he may contact the Central Department of Instruction where the Class Masters assigned to his particular Degree will advise him.


All members of the Rose Cross Order RECEIVE BY MAIL, four monthly lessons so that they can study and experience, in a simple way in their own homes, the principles and teachings that enable them to live fully. These lessons are eminently practical as Rosicrucians are not speculative: members should not believe these things blindly. It is necessary to prove to ourselves that all we are studying is correct, true, and applicable to daily life. These lessons are provided as a privilege of affiliation and they cannot be sold or purchased. Regardless of how much money we are offered we would NEVER give them to anybody who was not a member of the Rose Cross Order, proven to be in the appropriate degree in the system of study established by the Order.


Every two months all members of the Rose Cross Order receive a magazine of fraternal communication. The TRIANGLE OF LIGHT is a MAGAZINE COVERING ESOTERIC SUBJECTS and includes Psychology, Meta sciences, Traditions and History, as well as news of interest to all members of the Rose Cross Order. In fact at the present time it is considered the best magazine published by any of the Esoteric Orders in existence.



Rosicrucian members who have an Internet connection can enjoy the advantages of modern communication by participating in the Virtual Rosicrucian Lodge, receiving messages from Rosicrucian Officials and Instructors, various official announcements, a documental library, chat rooms, including video conferencing, and participating in fraternal companionship with Rosicrucian members from around the world, sharing reflections and experiences with their brothers and sisters.


To help married couples that wish to study and participate in Rosicrucian activities together, Family Memberships have been instituted allowing companion study of our Order's teachings with a considerable savings. By means of these reduced dues, married couples can share ALL THE ADVANTAGES of affiliation with the Rose Cross Order. This arrangement provides a substantial savings and has been adopted to help those families who wish to study together in the Order.


In accordance with our traditions, all Rosicrucians may receive additional instruction in a Rosicrucian Lodge, if there is one located in their area. In an atmosphere of harmony and fraternity, Rosicrucians can participate in this phase of the inner work of our Venerable Order including traditional practices of; Initiation, Ceremonies, Symbolic Celebrations, Chambers of Instruction and also healthy recreation and social contact with others who share a common purpose of development and personal improvement.





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