The Rose Cross Order teaches a philosophy of life that can be lived here and now.

They do not teach merely speculative topics without practical application, but rather a technique for the improvement of our lives, and to help others to live better lives also.

All of us possess an immense flow of energy and power that we habitually ignore, but when we know how to realize and apply it properly it provides us with a life worthy of being lived, filled with meaning and inspiration.

On the physical plane we prepare to find our true vocation and mission in life.

In the mental world we learn to take advantage of the immense potential of our minds, be liberated from tension, erroneous concepts and mental illnesses that, in ways both subtle and violent, poison our beings and deny us inner peace.

This philosophy of life teaches, primarily, the cooperation with cosmic spiritual principles that enable people to understand the purpose of Creation, and have the power to feel the permanent presence of the Creator of all things, the Supreme Architect of the Universe, the God of our heart that each of us feels and understands according to our own understanding.


- Our mission in life
- The Cosmos and our relationship to it.
- The body, how to control and improve it.
- The Human Mind and its reasoning processes.
- Improving our mental powers.
- Psychosomatic illnesses and how to conquer them.
- Positive programming of the mind.
- Mental alchemy.
- The Karmic Laws.
- Principles of metaphysical healing.
- How to concentrate and to use inner energy.
- Projection of consciousness to distant places and times.
- Higher spiritual principles.
- The Cosmic Masters, guides of humanity.
- Creative powers of the mind.
- Principles of inner transmutation.
- How to cooperate with the Cosmic Mind.
- The Akhashic records.
- Returning to the lost Kingdom.
- The reintegration of our being.
- The language of spiritual symbolism.

And many other topics that we are not able to mention here.


Rosicrucians know that everything changes and nothing is permanent.

Life changes from one moment to the next, the stars rotate endlessly, and the evolution of human nature as well as science and its techniques, change so quickly that nothing ever stagnates.

Although the Rosicrucian teachings are eternal, as valid in the present as in the past, they are continually being modernized and rewritten in appropriate language to better transmit this wisdom so that they grow more refined day by day.

Nevertheless, there are certain techniques of personal evolution that have been proven effective throughout the centuries, demonstrating that they belong to the eternal essence of the function of Being. The technique of the Rose Cross Order is that of progressive visible Initiation, with the direct participation of the Candidate aspiring to reach greater Light and someday the Invisible Initiation that unites us to Absolute Wisdom.

In the present era the teaching technique of the Rose Cross Order is multifaceted: On one hand, all the members of the Order receive graduated lessons THAT ARE SENT TO THEM BY MAIL. These lessons, including practical experiments and exercises, cover basic topics of Rosicrucian Wisdom and enable members to successfully employ the Rosicrucian technique in dealing with the challenges of daily life.

These lessons are carefully prepared in a convenient form and adapted to modern times, so that all who desire the Rosicrucian knowledge may receive it and gradually becomeMasters of Life.

Rosicrucians have always been at the forefront of new knowledge and techniques, continually refining and improving their methods of communication. In addition to the lessons and magazines sent by mail, members of the Rose Cross Order have access to Discussion Forums, messages from Officials of the Order, a Document Library and other services, through a private Virtual Community on the Internet.

Additionally, members of our Venerable Order who live in or near cities where Rosicrucian Triangles and Lodges have been established may participate with their Rosicrucian Brothers and Sisters in a traditional Lodge setting, enjoying an atmosphere of sincere friendship and participating in solemn Convocations and Initiation Ceremonies.






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