The actual history of the Rosicrucian seems to be lost in the obscure night of history.

The present Rose Cross Order is the spiritual beneficiary of the old Mystery Schools that flourished in Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome long ago.

Nevertheless, according to claims in the Rosicrucian archives, a particular movement began in the Initiatory Schools of the XIV century and the Rosicrucian technique is derived from this, as related in the Fama Fraternitatis, the Confiessio Rosae Crucis, and other publications and manifestos of our Order. There are many references to the Rosicrucian (or Rosicrucian) Order and its establishment in many of the countries of Europe in the XVII and XVIII centuries, and many celebrated and great benefactors of humanity have belonged to the Rose Cross Order.

These men who contributed so much to humanity's progress were Rosicrucians:

  Newton, scientist and discoverer of the Law of Gravity   Victor Hugo, playwright and poet.   Descartes, French philosopher and promoter of the rational method.   Count Saint Germain, Rosicrucian Master   Goethe, polyglot and poet





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