You may have reached these pages in various ways. We present them discretely for those who may be found worthy of admission to our Venerable Order.

However you arrived at these pages you may be confident of being one of the privileged few before whom the doors are open to an Infinite wisdom that will qualify you to learn a great secret that has been preserved by the Rosicrucians over the centuries. Over the ages many have inquired at our portals hoping to be found worthy of the secret that the name Rosicrucian evoked in them as a distant echo from the depths of their Being, assuring them that that it was possible to know the Sublime Mystery of their existence and to Master Life.

Legend and History have attributed a wonderful knowledge, unknown to most of the public, to the Rosicrucians that has enabled them to attain the Mastery of Life and become the architects of their own destiny, producing some of the most valuable advancements in existence.

You are about to discover a remarkable world and experience the most fascinating adventure that a person can undertake: that of meeting your own being and experiencing the rediscovery of your inner abilities.

We suggest that you make yourself comfortable and remain calmly relaxed while reading these pages. Reflect on the ideas presented and see beyond the words: sense the powerful and evocative Rosicrucian vibration.


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