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Greetings, Sincere Seeker!

You are before the portal of the Rose Cross Order, a traditional initiatic Esoteric Fraternity dedicated to the study and development of humanity's higher abilities.

Legend and history have attributed to the Rosicrucians a wonderful knowledge that has qualified their members to attain the Mastery of Life. If you would like more information, you may request it via e-mail, or by writing to:

Apartado Postal, 1225
35080 Las Palmas de G.C.

If you wish, and are found worthy, perhaps one day
you will also become a member of our Venerable Order.

These men who contributed to humanity's progress

Descartes Descartes, French philosopher, promoter of the rational method Victor Hugo, Writer and romantic playwright
Victor Hugo
Goethe, polyglot and poet Newton, Scientist and discoverer of the Law of the Gravity
Count 			Saint Germain, Rosicrucian Master
Count Saint Germain, Rosicrucian Master Paracelsus, Famous Rosicrucian,  father of Modern Medicine,  was persecuted for his healing methods and teachings that exposed the superstition and ignorance of medieval medicine
			Rosicrucian writer

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