By Angel Martín Velayos C…R…C…
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order

Coinciding with the twenty fifth anniversary of the Rose Cross Order in this cycle of manifestation, we reproduce a message from the Imperator that was sent to the Lodges, and published in the Triangle of Light, two years ago, and that we believe is very interesting to the Rosicrucians in these commemorative dates.

Fraters and Sorors:

As part of my responsibility to serve the Rose Cross Order and all my Rosicrucian brothers and sisters, in addition to ensuring the transmission of the teachings all Rosicrucians receive in their studies, according to the Degree that each has reached, there are times where I have to share my experiences, my thoughts, and feelings with Rosicrucians, regardless of the time they have been in our Venerable Order. This is one of those moments and, accordingly, I will proceed with all of my fraternal love, confident that these reflections will be enlightening for the members of our Venerable Order.

Often I have to consult the old Rosicrucian books and treaties that are deposited in the Rose Cross Order in the documentary collections of the Sovereign Headquarters, above all, those books that have not been published for centuries and yet, are an immense treasure of wisdom that must be transmitted through the teachings of the different Degrees of the Order.

These books are usually bound with leather, and also wooden covers with beautiful engravings made of cold iron, and some of them have fittings that keep them closed when they are not being read in the library. They all have yellow pages due to the passage of the centuries and, sometimes, when they are opened and the page is turned to continue reading, it sounds like they creak, revealing its delicate state, indicating to the handler, that they must treat them with exquisite care because protecting them well is essential, so that they can continue to be preserved for future generations of Rosicrucians.

When I pass the palm of my hands over their centuries-old covers, or pages, I always feel a special emotion, intensely feeling the vibrations that have been deposited by the usage and reading of Rosicrucian masters and members of the Order, who have held them and read them for over hundreds of years.

In those moments, I feel very fortunate to have the privilege to be able to access these relics of Rosicrucian knowledge, and notice that I feel connected, as are all members of our Venerable Order, to a prestigious tradition; probably the most prestigious of all esoteric and spiritual schools, and among the Orders and initiatory groups.

Often, to be made aware of this and to keep it very present, I mentally review the great beneficial influence the Rose Cross Order has had on society and on the scientific, philosophical, mystical, cultural, and social advances that have been made possible thanks to the efforts of those who were our Masters, and the Rosicrucian brothers and sisters who have worked for the benefit and the progress of humanity.

Notable Rosicrucian figures flash across my mind, and in my imagination I see Paracelsus, who made a fundamental mark in the development of medicine, in such a way that after him, medicine started becoming modern and moved far from the superstitious practices and treatments that were, even harmful to the health of those who administered them. The path he laid out was great, and many advances have been made to alleviate the suffering of humanity, and this was made possible thanks to the effort and the momentum of this illustrious Rosicrucian.

I remember the impressive and majestic figure of Francis Bacon, who was Imperator of the Rose Cross Order in England in the XVII century, and introduced the empirical method for the development of science, in such a way that there are many scientists and thinkers who think that science began to be science based on the teachings and tenets of Francis Bacon, who led his search for the truth up to its last consequences, dying of pneumonia contracted while doing experiments with cold temperatures and the preservation of food.

My being fills with reverence when my mind displays the image of Michael Servetus, Rosicrucian, physician, discoverer of the superior circulation of blood in the body human and defender of the freedom of conscience and independent truth seeking, causing him to be accused of being a heretic and consequently burned at a stake in the city of Geneva, in Switzerland.

Galileo Galilei, a brave man, a Rosicrucian, that was not prepared to conceal the truth of his discoveries in astronomy and that said, in the Court of the Inquisition, where he was pressured with threats to retract his claim that the Earth was the one that revolved around the Sun, and not the Sun around the Earth: “And though it moves”, provoking a sentence of imprisonment, where he finished out his material life, though his memory and spirit remain for all of eternity, with the recognition of all those who love knowledge.

I think of Robert Fludd, the Grand Master and Rosicrucian apologist, physician and author of many treatises, some that were esoteric, and others of scientific character. In his books, a theory we could assimilate to the modern theory of the Big Bang, appears for the first time publicly where, according to this theory, the entire universe was created by the effect of an explosion of accumulated energy from a 'black hole' of colossal charactistics.

My heart is filled with healthy pride of being a member of the Rose Cross Order when I read one of the glories of humanity, Isaac Newton, Rosicrucian, who would say, when referring to the Rose Cross Order and the contributions of its Masters: "I have come so far because I have travelled on the shoulders of giants".

His competitor in the field of mathematics, discoverer of infinitesimal calculus, and developed his scientific and mathematical discoveries almost on par with Newton, was Leibniz, Secretary of a Rosicrucian Lodge, according to our traditions, makes me see the perfection of God's universal plan and its creation when I review his philosophical work The Monadology, with its 90 aphorisms.

Philosophers of universal renown, mathematicians, physicists, doctors, musicians, writers, and many more, whose names would occupy so much space in this writing, were Rosicrucians, to the extent that there is no other association, brotherhood, or group, that has, among its ranks, as many people that gave such glory and benefit to Mankind.

But, above all, the anonymous Rosicrucian brothers and sisters, who’s eagerness to learn and improve, their desire for elevation and perfection, their efforts to mutually share what they had learned in our Venerable Order and thus help all human beings, with their example, understanding, tolerance and human wisdom, are the ones who have made us feel "proud to be Rosicrucians".

Let us recall for a moment: When we first new of the existence of the Rose Cross Order, without exception, and even before we joined the order, we felt something grand, something that went beyond the knowledge that there was a group of people known as the Rose Cross Order. We intuitively felt the greatness of the Rosicrucians and we felt something very profound, indefinable, but that made us sense that we were at the threshold of mystery.

When we affiliate with the Order and receive the notification that we have been admitted as members, we all felt that we had entered something that went beyond its name, that belonged to the legend that would introduce us to a path where wisdom, beauty, and strength, glowed with intensity, and at that moment we sensed it before ever seeing it. At that time, when we learned that we were members of the Order, our minds began to conceive, even before seeing it manifested in our life, the sublime beauty of the Rosicrucian.

Recall for a moment these intense moments that, many times, and with the passing of the years, become dormant; let us relive the shocking experience of knowing that we are members of the Rose Cross Order.

In these tumultuous times, in which information of all kinds flows by the tons, and when there are so many methods of transmitting communication, it makes many of us think that we can have access to all of the knowledge and advances comfortably and widespread, including spiritual and esoteric, without limitation. The time has come to realize that the Rose Cross Order is not a school of new ideas; it is not a school of 'new age', not a club to learn parapsychology and Para sciences, nor a school by correspondence or through the internet, or a publishing company that transmits its writings, books and publications to subscribers, or a group of people with similar interests who can meet to share and compare experiences.

The Rose Cross Order is a spiritual brotherhood in the fullest sense of the word, where we feel unity with those who, like us, are seekers of inner knowledge; knowledge that frees men and women of goodwill.

The Rose Cross Order is a path towards perfection through knowledge that converts into wisdom when it matures in us and we put it into action ensuring that it complies with its noblest purpose, of helping us in our lives, and helping others.

The Rose Cross Order is a source of Light, allowing that our inner powers arise within of us, the divinity that dwells within, giving us full awareness that we are spiritual beings temporarily manifested in the material world.

The Rose Cross Order helps us, though its teachings, to develop as human beings, grow personally, develop our vocation, our inner potential, thus allowing us to live a full life and carry out the purpose of our existence, with our mission in life.

The Rose Cross Order is a spiritual power, where the teachings of our past and present Masters, are concentrated in a powerful force that encourages and protects its wisdom.

The teachings of the Order, when they are studied with perseverance, and practiced regularly, applying the necessary effort, will develop our consciousness and perception; they will mature in us and will be deep-rooted with strong vines of true wisdom, and not as vague notions of appalling data that fill our minds with a flurry of data provided by readings, conferences, documentaries, etc. that are available to all the curious without any control or method of real development and internal growth.

With the graduated teachings of the Rose Cross Order, with participation in symbolic and fraternal activities in the Rosicrucian Lodges and Triangles, or in the Virtual Lodge of the Rose Cross Order, with our active participation where we share with others, and receive from others, we develop a state of being within us, an ethical attitude, a way of acting and facing life that makes us realize that being members of the Rose Cross Order is important; that being members of the Rose Cross Order is to be united with our tradition of many centuries, like links in a chain of Light, Life and Love, that binds us together for eternity with the most elevated and harmonious.

We are many, that have over the centuries received the teachings of the Rose Cross Order, and have come to feel that our life has a reason for being, and therefore, even through the natural difficulties of life, that are ultimately blessings because they encourage us to overcome obstacles and perfect ourselves, it is well worth it, to follow the prestigious path of the Rose Cross Order, thus feeling "Proud to be Rosicrucians".

May Profound Peace dwell in your hearts.


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