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In the month of November, with the presence of the Imperator, the Grand Secretary, and the Grand Treasurer of the Rose Cross Order, and the active participation of a large group of Rosicrucians from 8 different countries, the Rose Cross Encounter in America was held. Aided by the generous and valuable participation of the Inti Ccori Lodge no. 14, Lima, Peru, those attending the meeting participated in very inspirational and spiritual activities in the historic cities of Lima, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Pichu.

Without a doubt it was an exceptional experience where the Rosicrucians, coming from so many places, had the opportunity to be Initiated in the Rose Cross Colonial Temple, in Urubamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas, and participate in ceremonies in Oyataitambo, Sacsayhuaman, and the Golden Temple of Cuzco.

Congratulations to all participants for having had the opportunity of living experiences of a high spiritual level and having shared with their Rose Cross fraternity, leaving the universality of our Venerable Order clear.


On the 10th, 11th and 12th of October, the MAGISTERIAL CONCLAVE V of the ROSE CROSS ORDER was held in the city of Valencia, Spain. In this important event, the representatives and compromissories of the Lodges and Triangles of the Rose Cross met to make important decisions about the administrative functioning of the Rose Cross Order, and attending compromissories elected for a period of seven years the members of the Sovereign Council of the Rose Cross Order, who would govern and manage the operation of the Rose Cross Order during that time period, until new elections which will have from taking place in the next Conclave.

In this event, which was sponsored by the Graal Lodge no. 2, of Valencia, Spain, to whose members and Officials, we extend congratulations on their brilliant participation and support, ceremonies were conducted of Initiation, Spiritual Assistance, and Regular Traditional Convocations, in which very active Lodges and Triangles of Latin America and Spain took part.

Once again, the Rose Cross fraternal spirit was expressed in these activities where it shined in strength, elegance, and the wisdom of the Rose Cross Order and its members.

Peace Profound!


During a Visit to Mexico by our Most Serene Imperator of the Rose Cross Order, Frater Angel Martin Velayos sometime in the middle of June 2008, stayed instituted the Rose Cross Lodge Itzaman nº 16, of Mexico City as a result of the growth of the Triangle of the same name that until now it had been functioning.

Soon thereafter it will be preceded by its consecration by raising the columns of the temple for which the Imperator accompanied by officials of the Grand Lodge will take part in such important ceremony.

In the photograph we can see a group of members of the Order in Mexico together with our Most Serene Imperator.


In the month of April, the Serene Imperator of the Rose Cross Order, Fr. Angle Martin Velayos, visited the State of Florida – USA and carried out a series of public activities consisting of interviews in television, public conferences and workshops of Rosicrucian techniques and maintained contact with the members of the Lodges from Miami and Naples.

In the photograph, the Serene Imperator with Fr. Samuel Mena, Venerable Master of the Rosa Cosmica Lodge No. 17 of Naples – Florida – USA and his wife Soror Santa Mena.


Magisterial Conclave IV of the ROSE CROSS ORDER was held on days 12, 13 and 14 of October 2007, the event being held in Magaz de Pisuerga (Palencia-Spain). The Conclave was conducted with the fraternal atmosphere that characterizes the Rose Cross Order.
There was an abundant representation of Rosicrucians attending from various countries and, as necessary, activities were conducted with simultaneous translations..



As a very singular aspect a presentation was made of the important bibliographical foundation possessed by the Order and the attending Rosicrucians had the privilege of directly contemplating a valuable work: The original book, in its first edition, of the “Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the XVI and XVII Centuries”.



Rose Cross Conclave II was held with special brilliance in both English and Spanish from October 7th to 10th. A magnificent cooperation between Officials of the Grand Lodge and Spanish and English speaking members coming from diverse countries and States made it possible to conduct the event with a high standard of harmony and spirituality, offering Traditional Regular Convocations, discussion Forums with simultaneous translation into both languages, Degree Initiations and Services of Spiritual Aid, and concluding with an elegant Fraternal Dinner.
Soror Rachael Hedges, Master of the English Jurisdiction, (shown in the picture next to the Imperator, Fr. Angel Martin Velayos) conducted a featured Convocation all in English and delivered an inspiring message. We would like to express the gratitude of the Order to the many Officials and members who made this magnificent event of great importance to the Rose Cross Order possible.

A Group of Rose Cross Officials and members in the Conclave Temple.


On November 5, in a ceremony of special brilliance Soror Graciela Suarez Padilla was installed as the new Grand Secretary of the Sovereign Council at the facilities of the of the Grand Lodge and with all the members of the Sovereign Council attending.

In this picture, from left to right, we see the Grand General Inspector, Soror María del Carmen San Emeterio, the Imperator, Frater Angel Martin Velayos, the installed Grand Secretary, Soror Graciela Suarez, and the Grand Treasurer, Frater Manuel Jimenez.


This past March 20th, the Triangle Rosacruz Luz del Sur nº 15, of Santiago, Chile was dedicated by the Imperator of our Venerable Order. He traveled to Chile accompanied by the Grand Secretary of the C.S., Grand Treasurer of the S.C. and a group of members of the Grand Lodge. On the same date the Rosicrucian New Year observance was held and included the installation of Officials of the Triangle. Best wishes to the Chilean Rosicrucians.


Last May 7, the Sancti Spiritu nº 4 Lodge, of Madrid, Spain, was officially consecrated by the Imperator of our Venerable Order, Frater Angel Martin Velayos during the course of an impressive and beautiful ceremonial ritual.

On this very special occasion the Imperator made Insufflations (an act of spiritual transmission) to the Officials of the Lodge, as well as to the past Masters of the Lodge as a moving tribute to them. After the ceremony he delivered a very sublime message to to those attending the event.

This special ceremony was attended by the Grand Treasure of the Sovereign Council, Frater Manuel Jiménez Sosa, and the Grand Inspector General and advisor to the Sovereign Council, Soror María del Carmen San Emeterio Cau, as well as representatives of other Lodges and Triangles.



During The days of the 25th to 28th of August a Spiritual Encounter among English-and Spanish speaking members was held at the Monastery of Bujedo, in Burgos, Spain.

Beside the traditional activities this Spiritual Encounter, developed according to the Pythagorean custom, served to establish a broader perspective of the Order in both Jurisdictions leading to the formation of an extended cooperative teamwork to facilitate a greater extension of the English-speaking Jurisdiction.

In the picture members of the Rose Cross Order can be seen exchanging ideas in the cloister of the Monastery.



This last June 5th during a visit the Imperator of the rose Cross Order, Frater Angel Martin Velayos, inaugurated the new Temple of this Lodge and carried out the Ceremony of Consecration.

Many long time members of the Order and Lodge attended this important event, especially past Masters who received a moving homage for the service they had given. In making reference to the recently inaugurated Temple we wish at the same time to wish the Lodge, its members and the Officials who administer it, much success in their mission of service to the Rose Cross Order and humanity in general.

Rose Cross Virtual Lodge

In order to tighten the bonds of union of all Rosicrucian’s globally, the Rose Cross Order created in the Ning server the Rose Cross Virtual Lodge in Spanish that will host the concerns of communication of the Rosicrucian’s in different Spanish-speaking countries.

This Virtual Rose Cross Lodge have become an important resource added to the services that the Rose Cross Order lends and allows, in our case, the implementation of a "Mailing list", chat, sharing of files and folders, programming of events through a calendar, surveys, audiovisual broadcasts, and many other possibilities.

The active members of the Rose Cross Order may request admission to the Virtual Rose Cross Lodge, and participate in its activities; for this please contact, by specifying their name and order number, and asking to be admitted to the Virtual Rose Cross Lodge in Spanish-speaking.



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