By Angel Martín Velayos C…R…C…
Imperator of the Rose Cross Order

Fraters and Sorors:

Everything that exists in the universe, and all planes of manifestation, is in constant change and movement, therefore our thoughts, which are also in movement and permanent transformation, can evoke ideas within us that, dependent on the convictions we previously had, expands and marks our vision about our ideals and wishes of perfection.

This is why, based on the beginning of a message I wrote and was published many years ago in the Rose Cross Triangle of Light magazine, and was dedicated to "Wise Freedom", I will elaborate on a few concepts that are necessary because, over the years, I have had the experience of listening to, or read, comments that seem to indicate that Rosicrucians are located apart from everyday life, and should not be affected or involved in activities of the secular society activities, and there is nothing further from reality.

Remember that since the beginning of our studies, and even from the moment that a Candidate of the Order receives the this information, our Venerable Order indicates that Rosicrucian studies are dedicated to achieving what our brothers and Masters of the past called, in alchemical language, the Great Work.

Naturally a sensible Rosicrucian perceives, as he thinks about it, that this Great Work should always begin by personal reform and regeneration of their own Being, and that this reform, which we could also define as a great personal transformation, gradually leads us towards eliminating our shortcomings and limitations, exchanging them for greater understanding, and development of our superior capabilities, that are latent within us, that seek to manifest itself as much as we give them opportunity to do so.

We are constantly told, in the different Degrees of our Venerable Order, that the transmission technique used for the knowledge of our Order is based on the initiatory aspect, in the formation and, of course, in the personal work of every Rosicrucian.

The initiatic aspect allows us to establish a link between ourselves and our Inner Being.

The formative aspect feeds our minds with knowledge of Cosmic Laws that will help us to understand the purpose of Creation, and transformed by this knowledge, we can freely choose our life.

But we must never forget, in the same way that the knowledge of the Laws that govern the Universe are absolutely necessary for a Rosicrucian, reflection and the awareness that it generates, are fundamental to the life of a true initiate.

Knowledge of the Cosmic Laws should never be taken as the mechanical and blind understanding of standards that do not take into account anything other than the automatisms of the Universe.

Knowledge of the Cosmic Laws should be, inevitably, duly thought and meditated so that we can understand the true purpose of Creation and, of course, the purpose of the existence of Humanity as a whole, and of the Human Being in particular.

Also, to facilitate the understanding of what is and is not the Rose Cross Order, and so the Rose Cross order is not confused with what it is not, or with any pressure group, or group that has other interests and purposes other than what a school of wisdom and journey towards personal perfection should have, is declared explicitly in our publications:


It is a global brotherhood, composed of men and women who are dedicated to the study and practical application of the higher laws of Nature that, through a process of internal development and personal progress, begin developing their higher potential in order to be able to live a full life in all planes of manifestation.


Every Rosicrucian can belong to the religious association that they prefer, since the teachings of the Rose Cross Order do not interfere with religious concepts or the consciousness of our members.


In the Rose Cross Order we believe that everyone has the right to an opinion of the best way their country should be governed; this citizen prerogative is so private and so personal, that the Order never interferes with it, leaving its members full freedom to choose the party, or political choice, they prefer.


For centuries the Order has been a society that has helped with the improvement of human beings in a disinterested way, operating as a non-profit Educational Fraternal Organization, and its funds are dedicated, exclusively, to the philanthropic Rosicrucian work, without any particular person benefiting from these funds in the form of dividends or commissions.

We could add to these definitions, an old Arabic poem, full of beauty and wisdom of life, which will undoubtedly help us to better understand the cares that should guide, at least in principle, the students of the Rose Cross Order and, ultimately, what the Rose Cross Order tries to transmit to its members.

As a young man, I was a revolutionary and my prayer was to say to God: "Lord give me the strength to change the world".

As I became an adult and I realized that I had spent half a lifetime without having succeeded in changing a single soul, I changed my prayer and began to say: "Lord, give me the grace to transform all those who come into contact with me. Even if it is only my family and my friends. With that I am satisfied".

Now that I am old and my days are numbered, I have begun to understand how stupid I've been. My only prayer is as follows: "Lord, give me the grace to change myself." If I had prayed in this way from the beginning, I would not have wasted my life.

The end of this poem, loosely adapted, express the wisdom, humility, and the purity of thought that Rosicrucians should reach. But the definition of what is and what is not the Rose Cross Order, just as the beautiful concepts of personal transformation that is transmitted through the poem, should not be confused, nor should bring to our mind, the idea that we must focus on ourselves, and that we should not interfere and participate in affairs that concern all of Mankind.

Rather, a true Rosicrucian conforms to the principle expressed by the neoplatonic philosopher Proclus, who declared: Nothing that is human is strange to me.

Thus, the way to focus your life, and the action needed for your own transformation and progress, as well as, to also help with the advancement and improvement of the human condition, is something that is different in a Rosicrucian than in a layman.

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that a Rosicrucian is not a cowardly person, but a person active in the good, striving continuously to improve and change the negative and adverse conditions that could reach him.

Let us use a typical example which would indicate the degree of good sense of a person and, in particular, a Rosicrucian student.

We know that all forms of life completes a mission in existence, and that life itself is sacred; now if a Rosicrucian suffers from an infection caused by a pathogenic germ, or a bacterium that proliferates and multiplies throughout the body of the person causing a disease, and taking into account that this bacteria is a living cell, what should a sick Rosicrucian do? Should he leave the harmful bacteria to multiply, since they are living beings and we must respect life, or should he confront the disease causing bacteria with medication to properly eliminate these harmful germs in his body?.

For any sensible person and all Rosicrucian should be, the answer is very clear: A person should confront the causes of their illness, and must ensure their health.

The same should be applied in all other aspects of life.

A well advanced Rosicrucian and with a high degree of preparation, should apply what he knows to improve himself, as he should also apply his knowledge and evolved state of consciousness, to also help improve the environment.

And that should be applied progressively, first helping his family, within his possibilities, then continue projecting towards his neighborhood, city, state, continent, and the entire planet.

A Rosicrucian is a citizen of the world, a universal person, but he lives in a social environment, in a country, although he understands that borders are artificial conditions created by poorly evolved men, suffering from blindness of separation, but this is what is current today and, therefore, a Rosicrucian should engage in the environment that he is in.

A Rosicrucian should be highly respectful with the ideas of others, but a strong supporter of his convictions. It is said that the best way a bad man can commit atrocities and submit to society, is that many good men to remain passive and tolerate it. In that sense, Rosicrucians should have firm convictions, and must defend them with vigor.

Not all ideas are good, nor do they have to be respectable, although an illusion has been created of the "socially and politically correct", according to which we have to be satisfied with authentic aberrations whose acceptance could be the debasement and decomposition of humans and a truly evolved society.

To justify themselves, corrupt and degenerate officials try to make citizens think that all and this includes criminals and degenerates of which they are part, have rights that must not be violated, without having in mind that to let them camp freely and without limitation, supposes the prejudice of society, of all good and honorable citizens. Sometimes, to justifying abnormal behaviors, they say, without any modesty, that such and such situations occur in nature. Harmful bacteria and viruses occur in nature, but if we allow them to grow in us, rather than treat them properly, would we lose health, and even our very life.

In nature waste, detritus, and all the dirty miasma also occur, but that does not mean, however natural they may be, that we must accept to live among the garbage and rot.

Having said this, we can understand that a well evolved person, and that should arise among Rosicrucians, should have very clear ideas and know how they would like to live, and how they would like others to live, providing the means, within their capabilities, so that everyone can live a more advanced life. A Rosicrucian should be active in the good, and should feel love and compassion towards everything and everyone, and should not be considered based on the margins of society, because its advanced compression makes you feel that you should share with others and help them as much as possible so that, they can also live a dignified and honorable life.

The Rose Cross Order will never give indications to anyone on how they should proceed, or what option each person should take, but in fulfillment of its mission, will make all possible efforts for each of its members to improve and advance toward perfection and an elevated point of consciousness, so that everyone can freely make the decisions they deem appropriate so that, according to their understanding, the good occurs abundantly.

Let us remember this slogan: The Rosicrucian is always active in the good.

Peace Profound.


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