By Agustín Gran Adsuar F... R... C...

Rosicrucian Brothers and Sisters,

An article published in the "Triangle of Light" some months ago that generated a good deal of interest was titled "Know Thyself", by René Guenón. With calm consideration and reflection the author directs the attention of all the Fraters and Sorors to an axiom of Plato that I consider of greatest significance: All that a man learns is already within him... With the intent of reaching true wisdom in order to advance toward a more profound state of being, toward the center (.) where a person's consciousness is transformed, enabling him to attain real knowledge.

What method has divinity endowed us with to attain such a momentous states, by what method do we advance toward our own center and realize within ourselves that nucleus that controls and is everything?.

Indeed, there are people for whom meditation comes to be synonymous with relaxation, and when the senses are at rest during meditation and one arrives at a state of physical and mental relaxation, it is certainly very pleasant and beneficial. Serious meditation is a technique that directs external elements (mind and body) to our true being's center, calming them to allow us to meet the daily challenges of life with confidence and serenity.

For others meditation is synonymous with considering, debating the pros and cons of certain matters, or pondering momentous topics to which they hope to find commendable explanations. In this case meditation is like a method of reasoning, or logic; a useful instrument for thoughts not expressed in words by the intellect. It is a worthy means of maintaining ourselves in daily life by turning to the intimate solitude of oneself.

However, the meditation to which I want to refer, of which I have been a humble practitioner for some time and which I enthusiastically encourage for every sincere seeker, is that which transcends the necessary first step of relaxation, reaching something further that lies behind words, thoughts, reason and logic. We must ignore all of the instruments that the human mind has within its reach, as they are not only no use, they come to be an annoyance.

Indeed, the mind is good for what it serves, and correlatively it is not good for what it doesn't serve. It seems obvious, but the truth may be found in the simple and obvious. A telephone is very useful, but if you want to write, a pencil is needed. The phone is good for what it does, but not for things it doesn't do, though it is not diminished for that reason. The place we wish to reach in meditation transcends the mind and for that reason the mind cannot apprehend or recognize it. Therefore, to progress in meditation it is useless to train the mind with the intent of reasoning through the process in the customary manner of thinking.

What is this place we wish to reach? Is it not the place that mystics, sages, seekers and seers of all traditions, have desired to contact through the centuries? This is the place, the inner space, where it would seem that nothing is, nothing happens, and yet in reality it includes everything. We believe that nothing is there, but we believe so only with our superficial outer reasoning. When we come to contact it, surrendering everything we believe to the only thing we have (our technique, or method) and find it enough, we arrive ultimately at what we really are, our true essence, the center of centers that is nothing other than the inner place into which divinity has placed its seed in mankind. This place is the human soul, where the living spirit of the Creator resides. This place can also be identified as pure consciousness, and in fact it is pure consciousness. It is the physical and universal consciousness, all penetrating, omnipresent and eternal, existing from the beginning of time and imperishable, the essence that makes us aware of that we encounter and, embracing it all, the consciousness that belongs to every living and every inert being on every imaginable planet and world, existing as it existed in the past, as it is, and as it will be in the future. It is consciousness indefinable because it is infinite. This consciousness cannot be defined or encompassed by words because it is the consciousness itself that believes in words, and from which words arise. The word cannot understand that from which it comes, and that which has been its creator.

It is said that what cannot be expressed otherwise, or verbalized, must be experienced, and this is the adventure that is encountered in meditation. It is necessary to go there, to arrive in order to know what it is. As an example, how would we explain a dream to someone who had never had one? We are not able to do so; is it that we lack words (or do we have more than enough?). It is the same with meditation: we cannot explain what we do, how we do it and where it is that we go. It is simply necessary to do it. In short, the willingness to do so is the price that the seeker must pay to attain the most secret inner places of human nature, and everything else as well. Those who perceive the inner essence of existence with the inner eye will find all revealed to them. There is no secret, anyone can attain it, needing only to sincerely and earnestly desire it, and make the required effort by entering into complete silence for hours and days, until glimpsing what is waiting.

It is not difficult. Though we don't know how, God provides for us the necessary means to arrive where we should. All that is needed is a pure heart, a strong desire to find the truth, and a disposition free of prejudice, willing to commune with the Infinite mystery that waits on the other side.

In essence we visit the other side, we cross the stream, passing beyond the recognizable daily world to the inner world, accessible only by inner means, although it is said in our Rosicrucian lessons that there is no dividing line, there are not two types of consciousness, there are not two worlds, inner and outer. There is only a world, a consciousness, a God, a Divinity. There is a single universal energy that sustains the entire universe, vibrating independently and condensed into different levels. It is all that is, the only place at which we need to arrive (with the paradox that we are a part of this energy also).

I won't suggest a technique or method for this journey. Simply sit down in the most comfortable way and relax in silence, direct your gaze inward and I assure you that God (or whatever means He uses to speak to us) will come to assist. No sincere seeker is left empty handed, without savoring the fruit of his quest. I have said that I won't suggest technique or method, firstly because I am not sufficiently qualified (I am only a humble seeker, the same as the rest of you), and secondly because everyone needs to find the methods that best serve them. Also, God speaks to each one in the language that they understand. In the end this is an intimate, personal and nonnegotiable adventure, each individual needs to take his or her own journey. It is the journey inward. In fact it is THE JOURNEY. I intuit that very few others are worthwhile.

As it was said on some occasion by an experienced adventurer: "After traveling the seas, and the mountain ranges and summits, I sincerely believe that the only discovery worth making is that of the inner nature of humanity".

May peace profound be with you, and may you always find rest within the divinity that is within yourself.

F.. R... C... Agustín Gran Adsuar
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