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There is such prestige associated with Rosicrucians and the Rose Cross Order that over the centuries many fraternities and traditional institutions have given the name of Rosicrucian to some of their highest degrees, in honor of the Rose Cross. We appreciate and accept this recognition of our Venerable Order; but on other occasions people or groups, sometimes well intentioned but at other times in the spirit of exploiting a respected name, have used the name Rosicrucian without having any real claim to it, in an attempt to appropriate for themselves an authenticity that they cannot prove, and in fact they do not have.

Our Venerable Order, the Rose Cross Order is the ONLY Rosicrucian institution that has original documents, books, and old treatises, that prove beyond any doubt the historical and traditional connection of the Rose Cross Order with the Rosicrucian Masters of the past.

There are old treatises, books and venerable documents from past centuries are archived at the Sovereign Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order in which the Rosicrucian Wisdom is preserved. Formatted in modern language, this wisdom is continued as a part of the teachings that our Venerable Order transmits to its members.

These Rosicrucian teachings are not the fruit of the theories of one single person. Rather, they are the product of wisdom, knowledge, and experience, acquired by Rosicrucian Masters and passed along over the centuries and continually enriched by the contributions of those who, being aware of their sacred solidarity and duty, have shared the knowledge they gained with those who are worthy of it.

Over the ages the Rosicrucian knowledge has been prepared in modern day language and transmitted in the manner most appropriate and easily understood in modern times. Still, these old records are carefully preserved today just as they have been in years past.

It is our pleasure to present a sampling of these rare old books and engravings, preserved in the archives of the Rose Cross Order.

Enjoy the beauty and symbolism of this sample that unites Rosicrucians of today, in both tradition and spirit, with their brothers and sisters of centuries gone by.



Fama Fraternitatis

The Chymical Wedding of
Christian Rosenkreutz


Francis Bacon, Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in the XVII Century


A	work of Athanasius Kircher, famous Rosicrucian


A work	by	Albertus	Magnus, De Mulieribus

Francis Bacon, Rosicrucian Imperator
of the XVII Century
Ars Magna Lucis, a work by Athanasius Kircher,famous Rosicrcuian De Mulieribus,by Albertus Magnus


Lunar Cycles


Complete works of Francis Bacon


Man and his	relationship to the Universe

Lunar Cycles

Complete works of Francis Bacon (1st ed.)

Man and his relationship to the Universe


Rosicrucian Astral Clock



Astral Clock

Letter of the Abott Lenglet du Fresnoy

Diploma of a Knight of the Rose Cross


Letter signed by Sâr Peladan
Traditional Manifesto


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