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Award for Educational Excellence
by the Latin-American Council

The Rose Cross Order has received an award from the Council of Educational Excellence of the Latin-American Council.
This institution is sponsored by a group of Universities and Public Organizations for Education in Latin America and has decided that the Rose Cross Order is deserving of this award.
Likewise, the members of the Sovereign Council of the Order received different recognitions for their work in support of educational excellence.
In a ceremony of great brilliance, one that was even shown on television, a beautiful Trophy was presented to Soror Nora Basterrechea, who represented the Order at the ceremony for the presentation of awards conducted in Lima, Peru, on the 16th of April.

Rose Cross Conclave in English

The first Conclave of the Rose Cross Order in the English language has taken place in the city of Miami, in the State of Florida, U.S.A. during the days of May 14, 15, and 16th. This inspiring event, of such great traditional importance, was also attended by a number of members from the Spanish Speaking Jurisdiction who participated and contributed to its success.
In a harmonious and fraternal atmosphere, members of the Rose Cross Order from several of the States in the U.S.A. and Canada traveled from distant places to join with Officials of the Grand Lodge in Spain who visited Miami for this very special occasion in order to establish a foundation for development of the English Jurisdiction. In unity they carried out Initiations, the Installation of Officials, and Traditional Convocations of the Rose Cross Order.
As well as being installed as Master, Soror Rachael Hedges was distinguished as a Builder of the Temple for her service to Rosicrucian ideals.
All of those who attended this unforgettable event expressed their inner commitment to serving and working to spread the Greater Light by means of their affiliation with the Rose Cross Order.
We cordially congratulate them and wish them every success.



Virtual Rosicrucian Community

The Rose Cross Order has begun its first world wide virtual community.

With the end goal of strengthening the bonds of union for all Rosicrucians around the world, the Rose Cross Order has created, on the Egroups server recently acquired by Yahoo, a Virtual Community that will become a major means of communication for the many Rosicrucians in different countries.

Virtual communities have become an important resource among the services available on the Internet and make possible, as in our case, the beginning of the Mail List, chat, sharing of files and documents, maintaining an events calendar, conducting surveys, and many other possibilities exist and await our discovery.

In the Member's Area you will find the subscription form for the Community or you can also go to the main page of Egroups at



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