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Fraters and Sorors:

Modern psychology, when explored seriously and with an open mind, comes very close to the metaphysical and spiritual postulates taught by our Masters in times past and that we continue to study in the Rosicrucian teachings. One of the statements made at the very beginning of our studies, in the Preliminary Manifestos, is that there need be no disagreement between the profane sciences and the esoteric.

In fact, many scholars of the spiritual truths, among them the great Rosicrucian lights from over the centuries, have been the very scientists who have most advanced the Empirical Sciences.

Scientists such as Newton, and other notable Rosicrucians whose investigations into both the spiritual and physical realms bore fruit, produced significant advances for humanity. Newton, in fact, is named as an example in the Fama Fraternitatis, of which a first draft copy with notations is preserved in the Library of a noted North American University.

Esoteric and Empirical Science are indeed two branches of knowledge that arise from the same trunk. Far from being in conflict, they admirably supplement each other, if an open minded inquirer knows how to reach beyond the sectarian interests that so often wish us to believe they alone possess the Truth.

A true mystic is one who, knowing the inner reality and knowledge of spiritual things from which the great laws of nature may be inferred, appreciates as well the lesser light of academic knowledge and its value in providing the means to understand and express the eternal inner values more effectively.

The ideal of the truly evolved individual is to cultivate his external life so that it matches what is felt within. For this reason a Rosicrucian never rejects any type of knowledge, however scorned it is, or joins with the ignorant in limiting their range of learning.

One of the fathers of modern psychology, Carl Jung, had sufficient mental scope to understand and admit that within the depths of the human personality, there exist certain elements that are united with the Cosmos and a state of Super Consciousness. He termed this the "Collective Unconscious".

Likewise, Jung became very knowledgeable in symbolism because he understood, just as we do in the Rose Cross Order, that this is the language used by the Inner Being to communicate its reality: truths that cannot be expressed well in ordinary language. Jung extended his studies to the more concrete fields of the esoteric and for over ten years studied alchemy and its symbolism, as well as how the symbols are used to express our inner truth.

In fact, in the garden of his home he included various alchemic symbols because he understood that it is not sufficient to simply know the symbols. They are of most value when we work with them and make them a part of our being. Among the topics that Jung studied, and that we examine from a Rosicrucian point of view in this article, was that which he called "the principal of significant concurrence". He knew that when we query the inner, deeper levels of the subconscious with perfect confidence, we always receive an answer.

The answer we receive cannot be understood by us if we are not prepared for the knowledge, but many paths may be found: symbolic objects, books, etc. that facilitate the understanding of the inner experience. These in turn make it possible to realize a correct understanding of the answer provided by our inner self. Over the years Jung studied the Oriental methods of divination, and perceived that these could be very effective. In particular he was fascinated by the well-known method used by the I Ching.

Some of the earliest editions of the I Ching to be published in the West were prefaced by Carl Jung. This gives some idea of the importance and reliability that he granted to this method of "significant concurrence".

We will now explain, in accordance with the Rosicrucian teachings, a method taught in the first Degrees of our Order that, if used with common sense, can be of great use. In the Rosicrucian teachings we affirm that the human consciousness is a sensitive receiver that varies in perception from the basest matter to the infinite, or spiritual, without dividing things into separate realms of reality.

The human consciousness perceives at different levels and in order to do this we are endowed with different perceptive organs and processes. The five senses and our reasoning are very effective instruments of perception, but they are very limited since they only receive impressions from the first two levels of awareness.

The more extensive levels of consciousness, the subconscious and its various sub-levels, and the Cosmic Consciousness, are normally not perceived by us even though we are connected with them and affected by their abilities and power.

These levels express their thoughts through the only language that can reach our awareness, the language of symbols. They are part of us and we can participate in their infinite possibilities. Sleep, for example, is not only a time of physical rest, but also a time when we are freed from material limitations. In our dreams we are able to experience the relationship that unites us with Higher Being. Although during dreams we have access to many inner messages that are related to everyday life, with the development of our personality and spiritual relationship with the Cosmic and the Creator, we may perceive these realities in a symbolic form difficult to interpret. If we can achieve, even for a moment, synchronization of all levels of consciousness, we can receive desired answers to all questions since everything in the universe, including the physical realm, is connected.

The method that we will use is very simple and all that is needed is a book and a correct knowledge of the method. In the Higher Degrees of the Order this technique is studied in greater detail, in a more sophisticated way, and with very clear explanations of what we call Geomancy, the inner forces and astral influences.

To proceed, form a question very clearly in your mind and concentrate on it while holding a closed book in your hands. When the question is clearly formed, open the book and look to the paragraph that attracts you. As you read it you will realize that it relates to your question and even contains an answer to your question.

The mechanism at work is this: When we concentrate on our question we create a visualization of what it is that we want to know, then release the question so that it is taken up by higher levels of consciousness that use the book as an instrument to answer the question. Let us keep in mind that on the Cosmic level of Consciousness everything is united: the united minds of all beings, and all of the knowledge they possess, including that of the one who wrote the book, those who printed and published it and so on.

At the level of Cosmic Consciousness all possible information exists, and in this way it can be accessed. When your question has been received, together with the knowledge that a certain book is the instrument for answering, we are impressed with a certain impulse: our muscles respond to the impulse in the mind by opening the book to a certain page and our gaze is directed to the appropriate paragraph.

Now this method can be used effectively but should not be used indiscriminately as it can also generate undesirable results. Consider the example of fire: if we use fire well it protects us, keeps us warm and otherwise helps us, but when used incorrectly it can also burn us.

Consider then, what requirements are appropriate to using this method effectively:

1.- Ask only when it is very necessary because reasoning and customary methods have failed to produce the answer.
2.- Never ask the same question two or more times, since the method tends to lose its effectiveness in this way.
3.- Never ask what you should do, it is NEVER appropriate as free and responsible people should make their own decisions.
4.- Do not ask what will come to pass in the future, and how it might affect you, for good or ill.
5.- Be very specific in your questions, without going off in branching directions that obscure what it is you actually want to know. It is necessary to focus on the final result and not related secondary issues so remember: Be very specific.
6.- Be reasonable and NEVER use this method to determine what can be found by simple and common methods.
7.- Do not suppose that you can change the answer, it pertains to the real cause of the matter about which you wondered and not what you want to hear.

Let us consider now how we should proceed:

1.- Take the inspiring book into your hands.
2.- Concentrate on your question, it is best to simplify it as much as possible, then request light on the subject of your concern.
3.- Think of your question being released to the Cosmic and dismiss it from your mind.
4.- Opening the book, look to the place that attracts you and then calmly meditate on the words you read.
5.- Arrive at your own conclusion.

Fraters and Sorors, after you have acquired skill through practice and are able to apply this technique well, you will discover more than enough light within yourself to answer all of your needs.

May Peace Profound abide always in your heart.


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