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Rosicrucians know that everything is constantly changing and nothing is permanent. Life is different from a moment to the next. The stars rotate without stopping and the evolution of mankind as well as scientific and technical knowledge, move quickly ahead without growing stagnant. Although the Rose Cross teachings are eternal and present values that were as true in the distant past as they are in the present, they need to be continually modernized in appropriate language in order to transmit the eternal wisdom in the best manner for the times.

Nevertheless, there are certain techniques for personal evolution that have been proven to be effective over the centuries and are demonstratively related to the essential functioning of the Inner Being. The Rose Cross technique is one of progressive, visible initiation with actual participation by the Candidate, assisting in the Candidate's quest of the greater Light, in preparation for the time when the Invisible Initiation unites us in the Wisdom of the Absolute.

These lessons are prepared in a convenient and useful format, always being adapted appropriately to modern times so that all who desire the Rose Cross knowledge may study it in an easily understandable way and employ it to gradually become Masters of Life.

On the other hand, in those cities where there are Rose Cross Lodges the members of our Venerable Order can participate in an atmosphere of like minded fellowship, joining with their Rosicrucian Brothers and Sisters in the traditional forms of instruction and profound initiation ceremonies.

Affiliation with the Rose Cross Order offers these benefits:


A FRATERNAL SPIRIT fraternal gathering

All members of the Rose Cross Order, wherever they are, are welcomed as brothers and sisters in quest of knowledge by the affiliated bodies of our Order. You will feel proud of belonging to this old Fraternity, in which many celebrated men and women throughout history have studied as they prepared to meet life and rise to success in their affairs.

United in ideal and purpose with them, you will feel the spiritual power of the Rose Cross Fraternity that has grown over the centuries and continues to grow with the support and efforts of present Rosicrucians. You will enjoy the companionship and understanding that emanate harmoniously from those who apply the inner knowledge as a group in our Venerable Order.


Informal exchange PERSONAL ATTENTION

All Rosicrucians receive, as a part of their membership, personal treatment. As Brothers and Sisters of the Rose Cross we are interested in the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our members.

When one of them needs guidence and instruction, it is provided through our instruction departments. When a member needs help of a fraternal nature, it can be provided through the Central Headquarters of the Order or any local Rose Cross Lodge.



The Order has Departments of Instruction where our members can consult on any topic regarding their Rose Cross studies, clarifying subject matter that they have not understood and improving their understanding.

When a member doesn't find an answer to their questions or concerns, they can contact the Central Department of Instruction where the Class Masters assigned to the appropriate Degree, will provide further advise.



All members of the Rose Cross Order receive four monthly lessons, SENT BY MAIL, so that they can study and experiment with the principles and teachings in a comfortable way in their own homes as they learn those lessons that lead to a fuller life. These lessons are eminently practical since the Rose Cross teachings are not speculative: they should not be taken blindly on faith. It is necessary that we demonstrate and prove to ourselves that what we are studying is correct and true before we apply it in daily life.

These lessons are provided as a privilege of the member's affiliation, they are never sold or purchased. Regardless of how much money we might be offered we would NEVER provide them to anyone who is not a Rose Cross member studying the graduated lessons according to the method of study established by the Order.



In accordance with our traditions, all Rosicrucians can receive additional instruction in a Rose Cross Lodge if there is one near them. There, in an atmosphere of harmony and fraternity, Rosicrucians can participate in the inner form of our Order including traditional Initiations, Ceremonies, Symbolic Celebrations, Chambers of Instruction and also healthy relaxation social contact with others in the bond of a common purpose of self evolution and improvement.



All members of the Rose Cross Order receive the bulletin-magazine of fraternal communication, "TRIANGLE OF LIGHT" every two months. In the form of a quality MAGAZINE OF MYSTICAL SUBJECTS, it offers articles on topics relating to Esoterism, Psychology, the Sciences, Traditions and History, as well as news of interest to all Rosicrucians.



Family Membership has been instituted to help married couples who want to study and participate in the Rose Cross activities together. This arrangement allows joint of the Order's teachings with a considerable savings for the families.

By means of reduced dues, a married couple can share ALL THE BENEFITS of affiliation with the Rose Cross Order. This modality allows a substantial savings and has been adopted to help to those families who wish to study with the Order together.





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