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For thousands of years men and women, sincere seekers of truth desirous of discovering the mysteries of existence by one means or another, have searched for answers to those essential questions that we considered a moment ago. The quest continues and is the driving energy that impels true seekers to become the future Masters of Life.

Many of those men and women even abandoned the comfort of their homes during uncertain times, to go out in quest of the sources of eternal Wisdom hoping to satiate their thirst for knowledge. Some of them found others with a similar desire to know and these people joined together to carry out their quest and share their individual experiences for mutual benefit.

Long ages ago they founded the Ancient Mystery Schools and became the Silent Watchmen, dedicated to the preservation of the inner knowledge that brings freedom to those who possessed it.

But, you may wonder, what is it that they discovered in the Ancient Schools of Hidden Knowledge and kept as a treasure, concealed from the profane world? What secret lessons did those Silent Watchmen reserve for those select few who convincingly demonstrated their interest in knowing the profound secrets of Being?

Nothing is nearer to us that ourselves and nothing is more unknown to us than our own being.

Within our bodies a limitless number of atoms revolve in orbits in the same way as the stars of the Universe, moving with the same precision and harmony as the Cosmos and according to the same fundamental laws. We look to the Universe beyond ourselves for answers without noticing that we are ourselves a universe in miniature. But more important than this, human beings are comprised of something more. We have life and we manifest the most important attribute of it: consciousness. Human beings are endowed with a mind that is continually active. Even when we are sleeping our minds continue to function, assuring the continuation of all vital processes.

Modern psychology confirms that a high percentage of the illnesses from which people suffer are psychosomatic and began first in the mind, manifesting later in the body. Why does the mind, through errant processes, bring these illnesses about?

In the present, in the age of computer science, we know that our computers can be programmed and reprogrammed to accomplish different tasks. The mind works in a way similar to computers. Incorrect programming can bring on serious illness and trauma, transforming our lives into a series of misfortunes.

We can learn to correct a large part of the illnesses from which we suffer. We can program ourselves to improve memory, to gain feelings of security and assurance, for a better function of our personality, to enjoy better health. So very many things that we can do, when we know the potential of our inner mind and are able to relegate suffering to the place where it truly belongs: NO WHERE AT ALL.

But there is still much more to consider. Just as the painting takes on the nature of the artist who paints it, and the sculpture bears the unmistakable mark of the hand that sculpted it, the building carries the expression of the architect's personality, so also we carry the stamp and impression within ourselves of our Creator.

Human beings can, if they know how, create a future that makes life worth living. To do so is to undertake the most wonderful and fascinating adventure, the journey of discovery into ones Inner Being.

Do you value it enough to undertake the journey of discovery?

If you do, continue with your inquiry into the mysteries revealed by the
Rose Cross Order.





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