There are old treatises, books and venerable documents from many centuries ago archived at the Sovereign Headquarters of the Rose Cross Order, in which the Rosicrucian Wisdom is preserved. Formatted in modern language, this wisdom is presented as a part of the teachings that our Venerable Order transmits to its members.

It is a true pleasure for us to share with the visitors of our web site authentic images of some of the bibliographical treasures to which we refer and which establish a traditional and symbolic bond between the Rosicrucian Masters of previous centuries and our institution, the Rose Cross Order.
This is a small sample selection representative of the many books and old treatises archived in our documental foundation and constituting a grand summary of the wisdom accumulated over the centuries by the Rose Cross Order and now transmitted to our members as a beautiful secret.   

These Rosicrucian teachings are not the product of a single person’s theories. Rather, they are the product of the wisdom, knowledge, and experience acquired by Rosicrucian Masters and passed along over many centuries, continually enriched by the contributions of those who, being aware of their sacred duty of solidarity, have shared the knowledge they gained with those who are worthy of it.

In this way the wisdom has transformed those who have had access to it, making them the keepers of their own existence and masters of their destiny. It has been preserved and today, as in the past, is at the disposition of those applicants to inner knowledge who humbly request it.   

Fortunately, the Rosicrucian teachings today are modernized and transmitted in a way that is easy and appropriate in modern times. Nevertheless, for your delight, as we have said, we place at the disposal of the readers of these pages authentic and original examples of some of the old books and engravings preserved in our Rosicrucian archives.

Enjoy the symbolism and beauty of this sample that unites the current Rosicrucians in tradition and spirit to their brothers of centuries past.

Fama Fraternitatis The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz Book by Andrea Libavius
- 1616-
Francis Bacon, Imperator of the Rose Cross Order in the XVII Century
Ars Magna Lucis by Athanasius Kircher, famous Rosicrucian De Mulieribus by Albertus Magnus Calculation of Lunations Complete works of Francis Bacon
(1st edition)
Man and his relationship to the Universe Astral Clock Letter of Abott Lenglet du Fresnoy Diploma of a Rosicrucian Knight
Letter signed by Sâr Peladan Traditional Manifesto Utriusque Cosmi Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians





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