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The old Alchemists of the Middle Ages, many of whom were Rosicrucians, stated that in order to transmute a mineral element into a different and higher element, as for example the transmutation of the lead into gold, it is first necessary that the Alchemist transmute his own inner nature.

In the old Rosicrucian writings published centuries ago, and which we have already mentioned, we are told in symbolic language about the formation and purposes of the Rosicrucian Order. One of these purposes to which the members of our august Fraternity aspired was to achieve the Great Reformation.

Nobody who has not first reformed within their own inner being can successfully seek to reform any aspect of a family member, society, or the world. In the measure that people change their own thought processes and activities, resulting in positive changes to their own inner nature, they will find life improving around themselves also.

Many people suffer with terrible illnesses that are caused by their thoughts of hate and bitterness. Every treatment they undergo fails, because the only way they can be treated successfully is to first change their way of thinking, transmuting their thoughts into more positive ones. When we explore our apparent limitations we come to understand that life for us is just as we have chosen to see it. By creating the appropriate conditions within our own beings we can change our lives and experience the inner reformation that leads to Inner Peace and external Success.

People often seek Universal Peace, declaring that they intensely desire it, but if we are discontent and in conflict with our own inner selves how difficult it will be to bring peace to the rest of the world, since it must first germinate within our hearts.

Rosicrucians have learned that, by means of an Initiatic process proven over many centuries, people can transmute their inner nature and in so doing transmute their lives and become workers in helping others to achieve the true UNIVERSAL REFORMATION.

Many of the men and women throughout history who fought for the positive changes that have taken place in society and were able to improve conditions for all, were Rosicrucians who had previously achieved the great reformation within themselves and found in this way the strength to undertake the titanic task of assisting all of Humanity.

Are you a sincere soul who feels the inner urge to realize the inner transformation of the Great Reformation?




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